Friday, November 29, 2013

why Frozen made me cry (spoilers)

This morning I crawled out of my food-induced slumber from yesterday's feast and Chanelle & I trekked to Santa Monica to see Disney's 'Frozen.'

I will always love Disney movies because despite their plot holes (Belle, you freak a leak you fell in love with a beast who is keeping you a prisoner, Ariel you a dumb idiot let's be honest) because overall love is their theme and we can all appreciate love and feeling good, right?

Well Frozen was gorgeous. Not just visually but the story actually made me cry. And sure, I cry easily but this was a different level because it was so moving. Because it wasn't about romantic love. It was about the love between sisters and how it was enough to save lives.


my sissy Rebecca (L) & Christina (far right)  (rebecca just got engaged!!!)
A sister story? Done. Completely unraveled. Maybe it's because my sisters are my best friends. Maybe it's because I'm 3,000 miles away from my family and it's the holidays and one of my sisters just got engaged and everything is just changing and moving and it's beautiful but like, I think if I feel anymore my heart is going to fly out of my chest.

There's something so special about the bond between sisters. 

When we were really little we loved each other because quite honestly we didn't know any better. And then we got a little older and our parents divorced and it was like a force field pushing us together. Divorce is awful and sad but I do have to say this; it caused my sisters to go from just my siblings to my best friends and my soulmates. And I'm so grateful for them. I'm grateful for everything - our fights, our laughter, I'm grateful for the moments we get together and are so excited to see each other we basically tackle one another to the ground. I'm grateful for how loud we talk, how we can communicate without actually speaking. I'm really just grateful for them. And mom, thanks for raising us to be young women who are independent and for teaching us the value of hard work.

This wasn't mean to be sappy but I can't help it, that's what Disney does I guess. What I loved so much about Frozen was that while yes, it had a little romance, that wasn't the overall story or purpose of the film. It's quite unlike literally every other Disney movie where romantic love is the anchor of the plot. In this movie the focal point of the story is Princess Anna's unflinching love for her older sister Elsa and how she literally sacrifices herself to save her. It's so much more moving than just a simple romance and that's what makes the actual romance in the movie that much sweeter. Because it's secondary.

Anyway, I loved this movie so much. GO SEE IT NOW WOULD YOU!


  1. Yeah, Frozen made me cry aswell, the ending was the most motivating part of it, I have been crying for over 7 hours straight now because I think of the ending; how anna was just a teenager and she didn't deserve what happened to her. She risked her life for Elsa,

    Especially before that, when her hands were freezing and her hair was white, she was completely abandoned and that really got me going, and she would of died to keep elsa alive, Kristoff was her only chance and she saw that Hans was going to killed her, so she blocked him and froze.

    The ending was the most sad part of everything.

  2. To add to that above, now everything reminds me of frozen, and whenever I listen to one of the songs such as let it go, or watch it, I cry.