Monday, October 14, 2013

girly names i wish i had

What am I doing posting 2 blogs in 1 day. Awful, I know.


You ever notice how some girls have the cutest damn names you ever heard and they are also the cutest damn girls in the world with like, dainty wrists and perfect complexions and who just like, "forget to eat" --

Yeah well I'm not like that. I like my name but I honestly just don't understand where these cutesy names come from and is there like a certain species of humans that have cute names that only breed cute children and then they all live in a yellow cottage and eat scones that have no calories?

I don't know.

Anyway here are some names that are supes cute so all you couples out there lookin' for baby names feel free to take these!!! I made them up so I get all the money YAAAAAY.

Lula-Belle Cheeks 
Daffy Dilly Weed
Gillymunch Babycake
Lottie Curdle
Dingley Dapper
Maebaby Babybaby
Sarah Shine Heartsmith
 Kindle Kitty
Candlehands Butterscotch
 Pumpkinspice Latteahbaby
 Berry Baker
Milky Wonks
Tookieteeky Tinkytock
 Alabama Handstand
Cuddlewuffin Meekymouse


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