Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my little sister is so much cooler than me

Twenty years ago the coolest girl in the world was born. My little sister Christina Maria Concepcion.

Christina, I remember looking at you for the first time -- I was four and you were tiny and mom brought you back from the hospital and I saw in your eyes what it meant to be a big sister. To love someone so much who I'd only just met, to instantly know I had just been introduced to my best friend.


But I do know that if I did, that's exactly what I would have felt. Because you are all that to me and so much more. 

Twenty years ago God was like, HEY! The world needs someone hilarious -- someone to bring laughter to His people. The world needs a wild flower, strong and free. The world needs a little girl with golden hair. A nice girl with a nice smile. The world needs Christina Concepcion! 

And if the world needs you, Lord knows (& He does fo sho) I need you. Rebecca and mom and I need you and your spirit. 

When you grow up like me, a chubby bookworm, you really come to a deep sense of gratitude for your sisters. As an older sister, I have the wonder and privilege of watching Christina and Rebecca grow up into two of the most beautiful women I know. 

Christina -- 

When you are driving around our little hometown I want you to look toward the sky and feel a heart of thanks - I want you to see yourself the way the world sees you. Perfect and beautiful and different 

On your birthday I want you to celebrate your life. To celebrate the way God made you, the way He made you for a reason. A girl who is cool and stubborn and impatient and wonderful and cozy and funny and warm and real. I want you to never forget who you are deep inside. 

I love this of my mom and Christina. Sassy cool ladies.
Because I'm your older sister of course I want to punch everything that could hurt you out there in the world. Of course I want to give you every little kitten and puppy and baby owl and keep you safe. But because this is reality, you are a twenty and vibrant and an adult and I can't believe it. My heart is prouder than I ever could type into these silly little words. 

So all I can do is say thank you. To God for making you into the sassy lady you are. To you for being exactly who you are. And to Dr Seuss for expressing it so perfectly:

 "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."

And what a day it is! Happy birthday Christina. I love and love and love you, ya big lug. 

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