Sunday, May 19, 2013

hello again

It's amazing how long it takes to build something up and how it only takes seconds to tear it down. Am I right or am I right? (This is my blog therefore I'm right.)

This is my blog I've neglected for over a month. But just like Britney Spears post shaved head & meltdown, I'M BAAAACK. Actually I never went anywhere and who am I to think the internet cares about these words?

But oh how I've missed it.

Here are some updates on my life:

1. I got a real job. (!!!!!!!!!) Exciting! You know who's more excited than anyone about it? Sallie Mae, that triflin' hoe. If you don't know who Sallie Mae is I hate you and we can't be friends.

2. Improv is going swell. Also taking over my life, also in a good way. It's fun to get on stage and act like an idiot, but an idiot who is thinking and not just a buffoon but mostly just ends up becoming a buffoon. Ya catch my drift?

3. I'm reading the greatest fanfiction I've ever read, just letting you know. It's a Narnia fanfiction and it's honestly the best writing I've read in awhile. Which brings me to my next point:

4. I recently read "The Fault in Our Stars" - if you haven't read this you must go to the closest bookstore, knock over the hipsters journaling in their moleskins, and buy this book. It will make you weep and laugh and sigh.Oh it's spectacular.

* * * 

Lately I've had a lot of "Ahhh" moments in my life. The good & the bad. There have been those moments where I'm driving home from work, in my car and I am sitting there and I'm just amazed. I never, ever want to let go of these moments.

There's also been lots of moments of AHHHHH what am I doing who am I what is wrong with the inside of my brain am I okay I miss home. I think it's good to balance both of these kinds of moments in the swings of life.

Recently God has been opening my heart to the power of community and prayer. The other night I sat with one of my best friends if not my best friend, and we held each other as our community group laid hands on us and prayed. Prayed strong and true and real and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and for friendship. I am humbled. Lord, thank you for humbling me. 

* * * 

The Lord is real and good. I need to say this over and over again. I need to remind myself of this because it's so easy to forget it, to let it slip away in the anxiety and worry and pressure and stress. 

The Lord is REAL. And Lord knows, I'm thankful for that. 

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