Tuesday, April 2, 2013

fanfictions i wish someone would write Part 1 (maybe i will maybe i won't I'M UNDECIDED OKAY?)

"You're Still My Best Girl Cora"
Titanic Fanfiction

I've had this idea for years, ask my closest friends. Here's the plot: Rose is the one who actually froze to death in the freezing Atlantic waters and our precious Jack escaped! And so did....CORA! Yes! Remember the little girl he danced with and he's all "You're still my best girl Cora!" Okay, bear with me. I'm taking artistic liberties here and saying that Cora was about 10 when the Titanic sunk. Jack was probably like 20, at the OLDEST. We'll say he's 19. So there's a 9 year difference. Anyway, both survive and DUN DUN DUN! It's 9 years later in NYC! Jack is 29, Cora is 19, they meet by a choice twist of fate and WAHH-LAHHH. Jack is still nursing his heart over Rose's death and who better than to help him than Cora herself? They fall in love, there's some drama with an epic scene where Cora is all like "JACK! I'm not Rose, I'll never be Rose, you have to forget her!" And it all ends with a gorgeous yet simple wedding. You're welcome.

The Breakfast Club Fanfiction

Pretty self explanatory...WHAT IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY HAPPENED MONDAY? I know there's some little fifteen year old who wrote this somewhere, but I'm waiting for a great one. You know, one with the same traces of perfect humor and painful angst that the movie provides. Come on.

"The Sound of a Smile"
Holes Fanfiction

Alright, I admit it. I already wrote this one myself when I was like, fifteen. Remember that brilliant Louis Sachar book from our childhood? Here, I'll just leave you with the summary of my own story: Lucy Dodgers is sent to Camp Greenlake, and it's not really a big deal. Lucy's different though...and no, not same amazing Mary-Sue different. She's blind. The story's mostly about learning to accept differences and looking past the exterior.

....what was wrong with me? No really, what was wrong with me?

"You're Killing Me Smalls....Literally, Someone Help"
The Sandlot Fanfiction

A horror fic about Smalls going berserk and killing people. Sorry.

"My Little Football Head"
Hey Arnold! Fanfiction

We all want Helga and Arnold together, am I right or am I right? Chanelle and I were watching Hey Arnold! on netflix the other night (BECAUSE EVERY EPISODE EVER IS ON THERE AND HOW AMAZING IS THAT??!?!?!?) and we decided to be weird and google image: Hey Arnold fanfiction. And this came up:

This is the single most amazing disturbing thing I have seen on the internet. BWHAHA.

These are just a few of the ideas that pop into my strange little mind while I'm watching a movie or television or reading a book. Don't worry, I have PLENTY more. 


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