Sunday, December 23, 2012

a completely non-holiday related old re-post because i'm too busy being in love with Philadelphia

a few things i didn't realize about Hey Arnold when i was little but do now

1. Helga's mom is an alcoholic
Either that or she is addicted to Xanax or something. I was rewatching Hey Arnold! recently and COME ON! It's so obvious Helga's mom has got some issues. In one episode she is freaking passed out behind the couch. WHAT THE HECK?! She is scatter brained and always seems like she is seconds from being unconscious. Watching this when I was like, ten or whatever I don't think I really got it but now it seems glaringly obvious. Oh Nickelodeon. 

2. Poor Arnold's mom
How in the world did his mother give birth to a FOOTBALL head? One word: Ouch.

3. Arnold's grandpa is literally Eminem
Don't think so? COME ON! There's such an uncanny resemblance people!



The chin! The nose! It's there, I don't care what you say. If they ever make a live-action movie, Eminem MUST play Arnold's grandpa. It's perfect!!!

4. I didn't know 9 year olds could meander a city by themselves and NOT get kidnapped
I guess they live in the safest city EVER! I wanna live there! They are never with parents. Like, legit, they are NINE YEARS OLD, in fourth grade, and taking cabs, buses, subways and whatnot by themselves. They are so cool. Either they live in the safest city in the world or they are superkids and I wish I had friends like them. Ugh. 

5. I thought massive floods killed people and destroyed cities?
Well apparently they just create water that rises and you can literally take a boat out on out. Oh Arnold, I love your universe.

6. This show is literally hilarious and smart
It's so great to watch it now. There are so many things I didn't get when I was little but do now--the humor is freaking amazing. Everytime Helga yells at Arnold and then goes off on a poetic rant about him...oh my gosh, it's just ridiculous. I love it. ALSO SHE HAS A GUM SHRINE OF HIS HEAD. This is beyond bizarre and amazing. Freaking 90s. I love you.

What do you guys remember about the show now that you didn't when you were little? Isn't Arnold such a classic? So great.

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