Wednesday, September 5, 2012

songs that were on the first mix CD i ever made myself aka WAS I ON CRACK.

At some point living out here in LA my mom sent my almost every single CD that was buried beneath piles of books in my bedroom back in Philly. I still dig CDs. I know it's all about iPhones now (forget iPods--does anyone even still have an iPod?) but I still enjoy mix CDs. Some of the best gifts I've ever received from friends or boyfriends were CDs with all different kinds of songs on them. A good friend of mine from college was the best at making these little treasures - she could pick songs for the perfect season. The rich, warm sound of The Weakerthans was the perfect soundtrack to walking around the West Village in the fall, a chai tea in my hand and the buzz of New York City surrounding me. THANKS EMILY DUNCAN FOR ALL YOUR AMAZEBALL MIX CDS YOU MADE ME.

I digress. The other day I was stuck in traffic (which is a constant living in LA) and I started rummaging through the CDs I had in my car. Beneath my all of my classic favorites-- "The Ministry of Magic" (Harry Potter band. It's way cooler than it sounds. JUST KIDDING IT'S NERDY AND THE BEST), "NOW 5" (easily the best NOW CD), and "The Best of Queen" (is there anything greater than blaring 'Somebody to Love' in traffic and trying to simultaneously sing the choir parts and lead vocals?) I came across a CD with a sharpie-scribbled title that read "My First Mix CD." SIDENOTE: I'm known for my creativity and wit.

I decided to gift you all with a few real highlights from this CD and you can decide what kind of high school kid I was.

1. Song: The Best Of Me
Band: The Starting Line

UGH, I can just see my knock-off Vans and cut-off jean shorts now, cruising around my hometown blaring this song and thinking I was so different than everyone in my high school. I went to Warped Tour too. And I liked it. *shudder* HILARIOUS. For awhile I genuinely believed I was living in a John Hughes film. I didn't date seriously in high school until my senior year, so this song was part of the sound track to my, "I just want a boy to think I'm different and edgy and cool and beautiful!!!!!!!!!" This was also around the time I became obsessed with local bands and really wanted to date a lanky guy who played guitar. Wait, did I really ever outgrow that? DAMMIT!

2. Song (s): Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude, Yesterday

Band: The Beatles

Alright, this was my whole "MEHHH I LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC, MEEEH!" Hey, I love the Beatles. One of my all-time favorite bands. But I think I took myself a little too seriously when I would lock myself in my bedroom and blast "Yesterday" dreaming about River Phoenix and wondering why I didn't grow up in the 60s. Like, GETCHA SELF TOGETHER. And looking back these aren't even my favorite Beatles songs, but hey, at least I had some form of good music on this strange CD.

3. Song: Bite to Break Skin
Band: Senses Fail

GUYS I WAS SO HARDCORE! Senses Fail was my favorite band for awhile....a dark while....probably the same while when I dyed my hair black and wore studded belts and had crushes on potheads in the marching band drumline. Did I mention I was a winner in high school? When this song comes on I can't help but bust up laughing. Like, why. WHY. WHY. WHY. Why does screamo exist? Why do people enjoy the angsty pain of 20 year old boys in way too skinny jeans? I'll never know the mysteries of the universe I guess.
4. Song: My Immortal
Band: Evanescence

Oh no. Oh no no no. This is just getting worse. You wanna know how bad this was? My AIM profile for a season of my adolescent life was just all the lyrics to this song in 8pt Times New Roman font, no colors just black and white........WHAT THE HELL SELF. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU?

5. Song: You Don't Own Me
Band: Cast of The First Wives' Club (Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton)

Welp, in case you didn't want to think I was a total freak, let me add in this song. My girl power anthem - me and a bunch of middle-aged divorced women just beltin' out our hearts to one another. Bette, Goldie, Diane & I - just a bunch of gals hangin' out, singin' along. Move over Destiny's Child with your gyrating hips and sangin' about independent women. This song was the first girl anthem I ever heard and I was like, YES I AM WOMAN HEAR ME RAWR.


6. Song: Konstantine
Band: Something Corporate

OH MY GARSH. (That's my Goofy impression. SIDENOTE: The most disturbing part about the Goofy Movie is the fact that it is somehow understood Goofy procreated with someone...something....blegh)

Again, I must ask the question - why? Why was I into such depressing, emo, long, drawn-out, over the top, self-indulgent music? Listen, I love Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. They have great songs and they remind me of great times. But this like, 10 minute song about a girl with long blonde hair and standing around in her underwear? Oh criminy! 

7. Song: Hands Down
Band: Dashboard Confessional

This list would be absolutely incomplete without some good old-fashioned Chris Carrabba. Homeboy knew how to pull on ya heartstrings. If you didn't listen to Dashboard when you were 15 and you didn't completely love them, you were missing out that's all I'm saying. 

* * * 

I could listen all the songs that were on my mixed CD but I shall refrain. I won't go into how I loved Good Charlotte & Simple Plan. There was a point in my life when I loved Simple Plan so much that my AIM screen name was actually " O simple plan B " ... and guess what the O & B stood for? IF YOU GUESSED ORLANDO BLOOM YOU'RE COMPLETELY RIGHT. 

~*oH yEaH soOoOo coOLLL*~*~*

Hey, if anything, I hope this prompts you to go back and look through your old CDs and music. If you're anything like me, it'll cause you to laugh, cry, throw up a little, but mostly just look back fondly and think, "WELL THANK GOODNESS FOR ONE DIRECTION."

they really are just too. cute. 

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