Sunday, June 17, 2012

things i do that make me really nerdy but not in a trendy nerdy way more like an anime nerdy way (HOW MANY PEOPLE DID I JUST INSULT?)

1. Listen to musicals before going out with friends
Where all mah Thespians at?! This is like, super embarrassing but also super true. Some girls listen to only Beyonce before they go out with their friends. And I love me some Queen B, but I have found myself on occasion jamming out to Wicked or Rent or (dare I admit it?) Les Mis **shudder** I just have to believe I'm not the only one out there belting about Defying Gravity before heading out with my friends. IT JUST GETS ME PUMPED, OKAY?! Like, CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR SOME BADASS HARMONIES? Have you even listened to the Newsies soundtrack? Well, HAVE YOU? If you don't get chills when Jack Kelly belts out that last "Santa Fe" then you probably don't have a soul.

2. Insult people in Harry Potter language
I know I probably should pretend like I never insult people. It makes me look bad. But you know what makes me look worse? The fact that when I get super angry I insult them in Harry Potter lingo. Yikes. I know, I am working on not getting angry at all, but I'm human :( But seriously. You know you've been there before. That person was just acting totally Slytherin. How rude!!! Or you know what they see when they look in the Mirror of Erised? Probably themselves. Being mean. Or like, "Daaang, that girl so cold she a Dementor YO! Go suck some souls ya dementor." 
It's just this thing I do and I need to work on it. 

3. Cry about Narnia not existing
This really happened one time, I might have talked about this before. I cry a lot people. It's just what I do. Some people express themselves through frowning or smiling, I just cry. Like, all the time. Anyway, Christina (my youngest sister) and I were in the car waiting for my mom to get done work. Christina started singing Regina Spektor's "The Call" aka the song from the Prince Caspian movie. And then all of a sudden, BAM! Tears! Flooding down my face! Because I started thinking about how I wish so badly Narnia existed so I could live there are wear medieval clothing and be married to Peter and hang out with Aslan and how much cooler that is than sitting in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard everyday. Ugh, the INJUSTICE!!!!

4. Apply montage music to myself in everyday life in my head
If you don't do this you are a liar! Everyone has those moments when they're walking down the street or driving on an open road and you think, "This is the perfect montage moment in the movie of my life." And you have the perfect song picked out. I love a good montage song. My go-to is either the 80s song, "The Promise"'s the song that plays at the end of Napoleon Dynamite. 

Enjoy the amazeballs that is the music video. But seriously, it's so fun to do. I encourage you to pick out your montage song for your life or even just moments in your life. Going along with this, I usually daydream about the Oscar clip they'll show when I get nominated. Even if you aren't an actor or want to be one, you still have probably done this. Usually it's something like me weeping controlled with a single tear falling down my left cheek and I'm looking all haggard and super skinny. Or it's something like me having an awesome mental breakdown, kinda like this:

Dayum Shirley you good...GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE SHOT!!!!!!!

These are just a few super nerdy and wonderfully fun things I do to help me get through the chaos that is being 22 and searching for myself and all that ish. HOPE EVERYONE HAD A LOVELY WEEKEND YA BIG LUGS. 

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  1. you are hilarious...."dang that girl so cold she a dementor YO" your blog