Monday, May 14, 2012

things i would love right now

This Kitten.

I really think having a kitten would solve a lot of my issues Having a bad day at work? Wouldn't matter because I'd know this little lovebug was waiting to cuddle with me at home. In a bad mood because I passed that horrid Wells Fargo logo as I drove home? Wouldn't matter because the minute I looked into those big, adorable eyes all traces of cringe-worthy red and yellow and that Godforsaken carriage would be erased out of my mind. 

SIDE NOTE: Have you seen the Wells Fargo logo? What idiot sat there in an office and said, "Yes. Exactly. We should definitely have this branded for our company." Ugh. So gross! 

The Ability to Levitate A Little

I dream of levitating a little bit off the ground. It would be so cool. To just hover a quarter inch above the ground, gliding away from creepers and strange coyotes when I'm hiking -- I'd never be scared again! It wouldn't be a big enough thing to notice so I wouldn't become a freak show or something, it would just be so convenient. Sure, I'd probably ending up looking like a human from WALL-E because I wouldn't know how to adequately use my lower limbs anymore, but still. Imagine how impressive and wonderful it'd be to just levitate a little off the ground. 

An English Accent

Wanna bump up the cozy factor in your life by like, A BAZILLION?!! Having an English accent automatically makes you cozier, sweeter and more attractive. I could say things like, "Mum, I think I'll buy myself a new jumper!" Or "Goodness I'm knackered." Or "Did you hear who so-and-so snogged yesterday?!" NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many English people I've made roll their eyes just now? 


Random thought that just popped in my head: I love good eyebrows. 

* * * 

On a different note I am running on four hours of sleep.............................WHICH MAKES ME THINK AS I LISTEN TO 'INTO THE WILD' BY LP THAT JEEZE, AREN'T FIDDLES SO GREAT? I love a good fiddle solo. 


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