Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everyone's Engaged

After seeing countless facebook announcements and random people on the street wearing engagement rings, I decided to write a poem about my feelings towards it. Also, this poem was written while I did my laundry in a laundromat and drank a can of ginger ale and tweeted about a crazy man that took off his shirt in front of me...I'M A WINNER RIGHT?!

“Everyone’s Engaged”

Everyone’s engaged
This sucks real hard
It’s not like I’m ready myself
But I hope it’s not too far
Sure I can’t match my socks
And some days I don’t wash my hair
But I just wanna know there’s a guy out there somewhere
Everyone’s engaged
I’m gonna go cry
Eat icecream alone
Cuz that’s productive, right?
I’m really happy for everyone
Don’t think I’m lying,
Even if my insides feel like they’re frying.
I don’t even want to be engaged,
But shoot I’d like a ring
With a rock so big it breaks my wrist or something.
Everyone’s engaged
And I just think it’d be fun
Cuz fiancées can pay for stuff
Like my coffee addic-TION
See what I did there I can rhyme really well
Maybe a boy will think that’s pretty swell.
WHATEVER OKAY I’m over it.
It’s not like my ego or self worth is taking a hit.
Just chill out, okay?!!
Everyone’s engaged
Well not me, HURRAY.

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