Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ikea Boy

The simplest of love poems to cute guys who shop at Ikea.

* * * 

Hey cute boy shopping at Ikea
I see ya,
See ya looking at those home-goods.
Boy you look real good. 
The way you're testing out those faucets,
And you're wearing flannel, I just lost it.
It's convenient this store is like a maze,
Because your glasses have me in a haze,
As I stumble past bed frames,
I'm just wondering what's your name.
There's just something 'bout a man with a domestic side,
ladies am I right? If you disagree you better hide.
Because you're dumb and I'll come getcha,
A guy buying a laundry basket, he's nice I betcha.
Sure, Target's got some cuties.
If they're at Pottery Barn, they're just snooty.
But Ikea takes a brave man with the sensory overload of dinnerware,
Double points if he's shopping alone and he doesn't even care.
Hey cute boy shopping at Ikea,
I have a nice idea,
we should shop together.
That'd be so much better.
We can compare placemats and try out fancy desk chairs,
You can carry my basket and I'll compliment your hair,
then after we can get pancakes and pretend we're in an indie movie,
sure I'm not as cute as Zooey Deschanel but you can still woo me.
Oh cute boy shopping at Ikea,
there you go, out the door I see ya.
I hope I see you sometime here again before next fall,
maybe next time we can enjoy a Swedish meatball.

* * * 

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