Saturday, February 18, 2012

"We Be Muggin" - ways to improve an otherwise rather boring day.

Delirium is my favorite thing in the entire whole, wide world. It's that moment that sets in after a long day when you're exhausted and hungry and your hair has started to frizz and you just don't care anymore and a thousand and one things are racing through your mind:

"What should I eat for dinner?"

"Should I cook?"

"I should buy groceries."

"Ugh, laundry."

"What do you think Tim Tebow is doing right now?"

"Do you think he's wondering where his future wife could be and if she happens to be young and full of hopes and dreams and also maybe in a little (lot) of college debt?"

"What should I eat for dinner?"

I know that you know that we all know that we've all been there. Delirium is my favorite because it brings about silliness and the only thing I love more than frantic and wonderful dancing is being silly. Being silly can completely cure a cranky mood or a boring day. So here's a little list of ways to improve those Monday Blues or mid-week blues or late Saturday afternoon blues when you're just tired and ready to go out later. I think we should all be delirious more often. In the ever eloquent words of one Ke$ha

"I'm so sick of being so serious,
it's making my brain delirious!"

Amen sistah friend.


1. Put Mugs On Your Hands

Have you ever done this before? Well I did it for the first time the other day after a long day of work and it was very fun. I've been working at Paramount Pictures for a few weeks now and it is SO great. The other day after working one of the shows, "The Doctors" we got free Doctors mugs. I immediately stuck them on my hands because WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GIRL WITH MUG HANDS?! I know I do! People with mugs for hands is funny. It's not quite as serious as a hook for hands which is pretty creepy, and it's lighter than prosthetic hands because no one has mugs for hands! So if you find yourself mid way through the day and you haven't even laughed once, go to the coffee cabinet, find some mugs and stick those babies on your hands! Wahh-lahh. You can't help but giggle. 

2. Dance

Y'all know how much I love dancing. You can read about it here. Dancing is my favorite! Last night at the Grove it was a Mardi Gras celebration and there was DANCING. 

Mmm. Mardi Gras.

The dancing was beyond fun, it was SUPER fun. We not only busted one move but several in fact. Dancing brings people together. We made friends, danced until we felt like we were gonna puke, and I even got groped by a possibly homeless woman who could cut a RUG! AKA it was a party, people. I don't care if there isn't any music. I don't care if you're alone. DANCE. Move your limbs. Let loose. You will feel so much better afterward. After a long week, dancing outside to Rick James outside with twinkle lights and strangers and smiles was A BLAST. It was perfect. 

3. Sing Your Words

This one is really easy and perfect in the work place. You know when you're just tired and people are being cranky and you just want to go home and curl up on the couch and watch a good movie? That's when you bust at the singing. I'm not talking about like, busting out in a song, all Glee-like. We want to avoid most things Glee here at The Good Girl. I'm talking about singing sentences, interspersed with normal conversation. It's fun. As a page, I give directions to people a lot because 1. People don't seem to understand what "continue this way" means and 2. People don't seem to understand what "continue this way" means. So what I like to do is be like "That way to the .... BaaaathrroooOoooooommmm!" And give a few high notes to "bathroom".... It's great. Usually people are so confused that they either glare at you or look at you like, "Aww, poor little weirdo" but actually, it's me who gets the last laugh because who doesn't love confusing people?!!! 

* * * 

 I hope my little list will brighten your gloomier than usual days. On a different note, I've totally been sucking at this blogging thing. I apologize. Life is CRAY...ain't it Jay? But seriously. I am so blessed and so grateful for not only my new job at Paramount but for each day I wake up. I am trying to take each day at a time and not be overwhelmed with stress. And I promise to update more. 


Love ya, ya big lugs. 

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