Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things I secretly wish I could say but never could.

What I wish I could say: "I bruise really easily like a peach."
Why I wish I could say it: Because delicate girls bruise easily and since I'm the opposite of delicate it's something I'll never be able to say! I'm freaking the opposite of a peach, I'm pretty sure I could take a right hook to the jaw and manage to chew gum afterward. Pretty girly, right?! 

What I wish I could say: "This temporary wristband for the concert is WAY too big!"
Why I wish I could say it: Basically the same reason as before....DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE AVERAGE WRISTS, THOSE FREAKING PAPER WRISTBANDS HURT. 

What I wish I could say: "I told him I just want to be friends, I don't get why guys always have to ask you out, can't we just be friends?!"
Why I wish I could say it: Ummm, I'm like, an expert at just being friends with a guy so all you girls who say this need to re-evaluate the situation and maybe what you should be saying is what you're thinking, "It's just so hard being this pretty. :-/" 

What I wish I could say: "A fresh veggie smoothie after my yoga class is just the best way to start the morning!"
What I really say: "I need coffee with a lot of sugar, also why does my hair look like that and can I sleep a little longer please?!"

What I wish I could say: "Sometimes I just forget to eat, it's weird."
What I really say: "When are we eating next?"

What I wish I could say: "I need a ME day, I've been so busy and working so hard."
What I really say: "I will start working hard tomorrow I just need one more me week."

What I wish I could say: "I love Radiohead."
What I really say: "I will never understand Radiohead."

What I wish I could say: "I LOVE reading the New York Times, it's so informative."
What I really say: "Do you think Nicki Minaj does her own makeup?"

* * * 


  1. i'm gonna be wondering if you are really saying what you mean...all the time.

  2. What a unique and wonderful story. I love this author's writing and this book was very well done. There are three storylines that intertwine and connect and each woman has such a powerful and emotional story to tell. I was completely captivated from the first page!

  3. Haha! So awesome. I wish I could say I did not eat half a bag of chocolate chip cookies yesterday ;)