Friday, November 4, 2011

a november soundtrack

This whole the seasons don't really change here in California thing is so hard to adjust to. I have the opposite of seasonal depression-I'm sad because the seasons AREN'T changing. I am used to autumn meaning overcast skies, chilly nights, warm drinks and lots of scarves. Not sunshine and wearing a tanktop for my run! Crazy. But there are certain things that help me feel a little less homesick, especially during autumn. One of those is listening to Frightened Rabbit.

Okay, these guys are absolutely my favorite band right now. In my opinion, they're better than Mumford and Avett. I know, I know, blasphemy! But please give them a listen. Their lyrics are poetic, their music hits your soul. I love a good banjo and throaty vocals and these folks have it all. I can't stop listening to them and they are perfect for the November weather. My favorite right now?

This song is so good! And it's from my favorite album of theirs, "The Midnight Organ Fight." 

Sidenote: I think I need to stop drinking coffee. My hands keep trembling and last night it felt like my whole body was shaking when I was getting ready to fall asleep. NO!!!! Coffee is my one true love! So sad. It's going to be a painful goodbye.

But anyway. Go do your ears a favor and listen to Frightened Rabbit. You can literally feel the coziness. Seriously. Ugh. Now I just want a chai tea latte. More caffeine. I really need to work on this whole caffeine detox. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of November. Fall is my favorite. 

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