Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new lands

needtobreathe is serenading me this evening and it is wonderful, especially after such a long day. Goodness, where do I even start.

I guess what I learned today is how important it is to grow and learn, especially in regards to an art or craft. It felt SO good to perform today, both in my Upright Citizens' improv class and in my audition I had today for a Shakespeare Theatre lab. Also, can I just say how great laughter is?? In my improv class I basically laughed for three hours straight. It was so amazing. There is definitely such an adrenaline rush in making people laugh and people making you laugh. Laughter is contagious and wonderful. 

I also walked a lot today. My feet are screaming at me right now. Here are some photos I took whilst walking....seriously, I walked so much. Everything. Hurts.

my dinner--chicken salad sandwich from CVS. yes, that is right. i said cvs. impressed by how fancy i am? eating and walking at a rapid pace to make my audition on time reminds me of my nyc days. i miss those days. today i definitely was hit with a good dose of nostalgia--all the walking, acting, classes and rushing around like a mad woman brought me right back to my NYU days. gosh, i really do miss new york city sometimes.

speaking of NYC--look what i found! the lee strasberg LA studio. oh man. talk about my old stomping ground. i spent hours upon hours upon countless hours at the strasberg studio in NYC...good ol' E 15th street. Strasberg Way. yeah, the nostalgia was definitely there today. crazy to think i'm already done college....i remember my first day at Strasberg at NYU. how terrified i was. how i got kicked out of my singing class for almost falling asleep (yikes). it's so strange--i look back on myself as a freshman at nyu like an old friend. it's so bizarre!! 

so. this was my "i'm not from LA" moment of the day. THIS IS NOT A REAL DONUT HOUSE! no one told me this!!!! i passed this glowing bastion of light in hopes of getting a delicious donut after my audition and even walked around like an idiot, looking for the place, only to realize--it's a piece of freaking art! my heart (and my dignity) was shattered. dang you winchell's!!!!

but no worries:

luckily i found a place close that sold lemon cake. it hit the sweet tooth spot. i figured after all of my walking today a piece of delicious cake couldn't hurt too bad. ugh. it was GOOD. 

and tonight Chanelle & I are off to our community group for Reality LA. as always, i am excited to worship the Lord and have some good fellowship time. today i am grateful and at peace and feeling so blessed. 

hope you all had wonderful tuesdays. 


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