Thursday, November 3, 2011

a few things guys should never say to a girl

1. "You're built real solid."
I don't see how this is a compliment. This just makes me want to go for a run and never eat again. Unless you're going to describe me as curvy and Beyonce-esque, I really don't want to be called solid. Solid reminds me of high school football players and farmers who milk things. Do I want to be compared to a high school football player? No. I guess I'll just go milk a cow and then drown my tears in cow milk.

2. "You're a hoot."
A hoot? Really? That just reminds me of owls. A hoot. No thanks. How about hilarious, funny, engaging, intriguing, fascinating....but a hoot? Just stop right there and don't bother talking to me because I'm gonna go sew my mouth shut or something. A hoot. 

3. "If you weren't so weird I would totally date you!"
I  had a guy tell me this in high school. We don't talk anymore, and I think it's cause I'm too busy being weird and stuff.

4. "Harry Potter's lame. I don't get it."
This is just something no person should ever say to another human being!!! BLASPHEMY!

Once again, I feel like this list could grow. I'll keep you updated. 


  1. AHHH I feel for you so much on this list. One of the "compliments" I've received before was, "Chelsea, you're the manliest girl I know." And it was said by the guy I was crushing on, which is ALWAYS something you want to hear from your crush. He was only pointing out that I am "manly" because I listen to rock n roll and am competent with video games. But the way I see it? I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boys? Never say that to a girl. EVER.

    P.S. I will be responding to your email either tonight or tomorrow morning. Making dinner now. Hahaha and I almost burnt my sidekicks while trying to write a comment. Hehe. SEE WHAT YOU DO TO ME.

  2. you are hilarious!!!

    and your blog has me oohing and ahhing over the beautiful design. I love your title! (i too, am a "good girl" at heart.) :)