Sunday, November 27, 2011

a day in the life

4:45 AM* - Alarm goes off. Sounds like zombie apocalypse siren. Thanks iPhone. Chanelle probably thinks the world is ending. I hit snooze.

5:00 AM - Roll off my air mattress, stumble into the bathroom, call a cab. 

5:30 AM - Cab picks me up, yells at me for not having cash, we stop at 7 Eleven and I try to inhale the smell of coffee into my veins. Need. Caffeine.

5:42 AM - I am alone in Peets coffee. It tastes so good.

6:00 AM - Spend a few minutes unsure of where to start at Anthropologie. I am the new girl and I am unsure. I'm really good at being confused. 

6:30 AM - Has it really only been a half hour? Where'd my coffee go? Also, I want to eat the entire store it smells so good.

9:30 AM - I want breakfast. These hangers are sturdy.

9:45 AM - 
Supervisor  #1: Did you have black socks in your bag? *giggles*
Me: ...Um, yes they are my work socks for my other job.
Supervisor #2: WOOPS! My dog got into them. We put them back though.
Me: ......

10:00 AM - Doors open. I spend the morning telling Beverly Hills housewives they look good in weird knit ponchos that cost half of my student loans. 

11:00 AM BREAK! Starbucks. Inhale more coffee. That man across from me glares as I talk on the phone to my sisters and mom. Lay off me mister!

11:59 AM I wish my break was longer. 

12:30 PM Dream about improv class tomorrow. So excited. Wish my life was one big giant improv class. 


2:08 PM FREEDOM! Adios Anthropologie. Hello two hour break before next job.

3:30 PM Ugh. Should get better at bus system. This walk hurts. 

3:45 PM I justify this McDonald's vanilla cone with the fact I just walked an hour.

4:15 PM Tie my tie in the McDonald's bathroom. This mail lady is watching me blowdry my black dog-drool-dripping socks under the hand dryer. I wonder if there are any job openings being a mail lady.

4:28 PM Socks are still a bit damp. Restaurant isn't busy yet. Breathe.

4:45 PM  It's busy. Answer many phonecalls. Ask many times for people to repeat their order because it's hard to hear. Ask my manager many times how to do many things I should know how to do.

5:55 PM Cry inwardly.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Try to eat all the bread.

9:15 PM - Wait for the bus. Read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and remember why I came out here in the first place & feel peace.

9:29 PM Catch the bus. Am proud of myself that my dollar was accepted on the first try. I love this bus.

10:45 PM Lay on air mattress. Breathe in and out. Wiggle my toes. Feel blessed and grateful and sleepy.  


* I do not have to wake up this early everyday, but this week I experienced it and goodness, I am just happy I am a morning person. But still. I owe so much to Peets coffee being open at 5am. Seriously. Peet , wherever you are da man. 


  1. keep at it. i only lasted 8 months in la on an air mattress. here's hoping that you get a real bed asap.

  2. also, is that zombie apocalypse sound the one called "Alarm"? because at camp, the first time it went off people FREAKED OUT and HATED ME and iw as like "yeah well it got you up, huh suckas?"