Monday, November 28, 2011

i am plagued by awkward feelings (the charming tale of a not-so-charming gal named me)

I feel like my whole life there's been two kinds of girls. Girls who know how to flirt and have this mysterious feminine quality about them. And girls like me:

Who face-in-hole themselves with rappers who peaked in the early 2000's. Ugh, Nelly, I'll always love you!!!!!!!! 

I have always been a girl who gets laughs and not dates. I'm not saying funny girls can't have boyfriends, I'm just saying I have no game whatsoever. The older I get, the more I notice this divide between women. The women who have game and the women (me) who don't. Some girls just got it, yanno? They know how to toss a glance, work a room, get asked on dates. I don't know who teaches them these things, but I think I missed that boat. I was probably too busy playing with my colonial Barbie while other girls were getting lessons on how to be cute. I'm not saying I'm unique here either. I'm writing this to all my homegirls out there who feel like they fall in my category. And I'm sure there's a blog out there somewhere for the girls who fall in the other category. BUT THIS IS MY BLOG AND DAMMIT I'LL WRITE WHAT I WANT TO.

I think what inspired this blog post was not too long ago I found myself in a circle of women and the subject of (SURPRISE) boys was brought up. Or guys I should say because boys sounds a little creepy. And one girl was talking and saying how as women, we know how easy it is to get a guy's attention, and is it bad to flirt? She was saying how easy it is to get a guy to come over to you with just one glance. The other women in the circle seemed to be on her page, but I kept thinking, "Wait...what? Really? So I just have to look at a guy when I'm out and he'll come over?" Because I'm pretty sure my "flirty" glances more closely resemble this:

That's hot? I had no idea!!! This whole time!!

I admire the way some girls are in control of their feminity. I think it's amazing and powerful and really freaking awesome. And it's not that I'm not confident in myself or have any self-esteem My So-Called Life angsty issues going on. It's just I'm really, really not good at it. It's kind of like this one time when my best friend Laura was visiting me in NYC. It was a blistering winter day and we had just feasted on gourmet mac and cheese from S'mac, the most wonderful East Village restaurant. We decided what we needed to do most in that moment was go into the American Girl Doll Store. For me, this was heaven. I never got to go when I was little and I was OBSESSED with Felicity, my colonial American Girl. I have no idea where my obsession with colonial times came from (you can read about it here). But anyway. We were frolicking around the story, happy as two freshly steamed clams when BAM!!! I found it--a full-size Felicity inspired 1776 nightgown. I mean straight up, it was my size and looked like something out of The Patriot. My heartbeat sped up as I glanced wide-eyed at Laura. 

"I want it!" I shouted and being the best friend she was, Laura encouraged me to get it. I didn't buy it, but looking back I think it was one of those things where I had an "A-ha" moment. There are girls who shop at Victoria's Secret for cute pajamas. And there are girls, like me, who stand amongst ten year olds in the American Girl doll store, debating on buying a floor-length cotton nightgown that shows just the right amount of skin via your chin. 

If I were to fall in the other category of women, I'd wanna help girls like myself out. There should be a freaking mentor program or something for all the womanly women to help out awkward girls like me who still read fanfiction and have huge crushes on literary characters. Not even literary leading men--Ron Weasley is obviously hotter than Harry Potter. Ugh. I digress. 

I guess statistically speaking, for every Rose Dawson there's at least five Josie Grossie's. And hey, Josie got to makeout with Michael Vartan on a baseball mound and they probably lived happily ever after, so there's hope, right?


Just for the record, I would have totally voted Josie for prom queen. She's the coolest.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

a day in the life

4:45 AM* - Alarm goes off. Sounds like zombie apocalypse siren. Thanks iPhone. Chanelle probably thinks the world is ending. I hit snooze.

5:00 AM - Roll off my air mattress, stumble into the bathroom, call a cab. 

5:30 AM - Cab picks me up, yells at me for not having cash, we stop at 7 Eleven and I try to inhale the smell of coffee into my veins. Need. Caffeine.

5:42 AM - I am alone in Peets coffee. It tastes so good.

6:00 AM - Spend a few minutes unsure of where to start at Anthropologie. I am the new girl and I am unsure. I'm really good at being confused. 

6:30 AM - Has it really only been a half hour? Where'd my coffee go? Also, I want to eat the entire store it smells so good.

9:30 AM - I want breakfast. These hangers are sturdy.

9:45 AM - 
Supervisor  #1: Did you have black socks in your bag? *giggles*
Me: ...Um, yes they are my work socks for my other job.
Supervisor #2: WOOPS! My dog got into them. We put them back though.
Me: ......

10:00 AM - Doors open. I spend the morning telling Beverly Hills housewives they look good in weird knit ponchos that cost half of my student loans. 

11:00 AM BREAK! Starbucks. Inhale more coffee. That man across from me glares as I talk on the phone to my sisters and mom. Lay off me mister!

11:59 AM I wish my break was longer. 

12:30 PM Dream about improv class tomorrow. So excited. Wish my life was one big giant improv class. 


2:08 PM FREEDOM! Adios Anthropologie. Hello two hour break before next job.

3:30 PM Ugh. Should get better at bus system. This walk hurts. 

3:45 PM I justify this McDonald's vanilla cone with the fact I just walked an hour.

4:15 PM Tie my tie in the McDonald's bathroom. This mail lady is watching me blowdry my black dog-drool-dripping socks under the hand dryer. I wonder if there are any job openings being a mail lady.

4:28 PM Socks are still a bit damp. Restaurant isn't busy yet. Breathe.

4:45 PM  It's busy. Answer many phonecalls. Ask many times for people to repeat their order because it's hard to hear. Ask my manager many times how to do many things I should know how to do.

5:55 PM Cry inwardly.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Try to eat all the bread.

9:15 PM - Wait for the bus. Read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and remember why I came out here in the first place & feel peace.

9:29 PM Catch the bus. Am proud of myself that my dollar was accepted on the first try. I love this bus.

10:45 PM Lay on air mattress. Breathe in and out. Wiggle my toes. Feel blessed and grateful and sleepy.  


* I do not have to wake up this early everyday, but this week I experienced it and goodness, I am just happy I am a morning person. But still. I owe so much to Peets coffee being open at 5am. Seriously. Peet , wherever you are da man. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

sometimes i dream about spending my life savings on a giant Cornucopia

started a thanksgiving blog post and it just wasn't working and it failed.

so this is it, what i am most thankful for today and every single day of my life:

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39


also since it is officially Thanksgiving it means--IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE!!! time to watch my favorite movie once a week and wish George Bailey was a real man and also my husband.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

if ray lamontagne and glen hansard had a baby, that voice would end all war.

Having a beautiful and supportive family is bittersweet and I am finding that out. My sister Rebecca is home in Philly for Thanksgiving and I wish I could be there more than anything and I simultaneously feel like a spoiled brat for being so homesick. Do you guys ever have those moments, where you're sitting there Starbucks....and you think, "Why in the world am I complaining or whining about anything?"

For instance, the scene:

Starbucks. I am sitting here, feeling sad I can't be home with my family. I'm sitting in a Starbucks on my Mac laptop, with my iPhone plugged in, sipping my coffee and eating my oatmeal feeling sorry for myself. Talk about first world problems. Gross, right? In this moment I am so beyond blessed. How come it is so easy for us to only focus on the things that bother us or the things that aren't exactly "perfect"? 

It's like this past week at church. Tim preached on envy. The thing that was so convicting was the realization that envy stems from unbelief. Unbelief in the goodness of God and the fact that He has the best for each and every one of us. When I am jealous of someone and yearn for their life or what they have, I am dissatisfied with my own life and what God has given me. That is one of the most terrible things I can think of. I am ashamed. And it's funny, because I am so ready to confess and come to God for other things--being stressed, being anxious, even being angry. But envy usually slides under the carpet, marked under "normalcy". But goodness, it is so unhealthy. 

So this week, I practiced feeling grateful in all seasons of my life. I am done lusting after cars. I know, I know. Weird, right? But ever since I moved here and don't have a car, all I see when I walk down the street are CARS!!!! And it's not even like I'm lusting after flashy sports cars. I freaking see a Honda Civic and I'm like OH MY GOSH I WANT YOU SO BADLY! How weird and messed up is that? Okay, well since I probably sufficiently lost most of you now that y'all think I'm a freak, let me continue. 

I should be rejoicing at the fact that I have feet that can carry me where I need to be. That I live in a city with a public bus that can take me where I need to go. You know what's the worst? And I'm going to admit this on here because if I can't be honest on my own blog, well I shouldn't be writing one. I was literally on the bus the other day and my first thought was, "Ugh, I don't belong here. I shouldn't be here." Okay, how WRONG is that? Who the hell am I to think I'm better than anyone on this earth? I was so ashamed after that thought and yet so grateful it came to my attention. Because since then, God has totally changed my heart in so many ways. Which is why lately I've been walking to work and truly enjoying the walk.

How lovely. Walking down this street the other day reminded me of home--the changing leaves and colors stood out vibrantly and I was both less homesick and even more homesick. 

I know it may seem cliche or cheesy to say things like, "Love this season of life right where you are!" but it's the truth. And my continual prayer is for my heart to break for what breaks God's. Because then my life will totally be transformed. I just wonder how radically different my life could be if I awoke every morning completely satisfied in the day God has for me...knowing that is simply enough. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

this poem i shall call "part-time job" : an ode to being bad at what should probably be easy.

The walk to work is what I like to call as my "anxiety walk."
Actually, I'll call each day that I go to work as an "anxiety day." I wake up and there it is,
this pit in my stomach.
I go about my errands--go for my run,
breathe in the crisp Los Angeles morning air and wonder what it's like back home
back in the lovely gray of Philadelphia.
Or wonder what it's like in New York City, a place that is my other home,
a place I miss so much my heart sometimes hurts.
New York is like that awkward cousin you love and grew up with but isn't quite as close as a sibling.
I miss New York.
I go about my day. Drink my coffee. Lick the latte foam off, not hesitating because I'm in public, because (let's be honest) latte foam is just too good to not lick off.
(I get pissed when Starbucks skimps out on me).
Latte art is pretty amazing too, I'm getting side-tracked.
And there it is, that knot of anxiety twisting in my chest, in my belly, in my hands as I flex them open and closed.
I walk to work and I swallow anxiety.
I know what's coming.
So. Many. Phonecalls.
It doesn't help it's so hard to understand the people on the other end of the phone and it also doesn't help people get so angry when you want them to repeat their address and order.
The phonecalls are my least favorite part.
I know what else is coming. The fumbling, the not knowing everything I should probably know. The hesitation with an order, the dinner rush.
I'm so bad at this job is a thought I think once every three minutes.
I am grateful and at the same time stressed because I know I should be grateful but I really get so nervous before work and also add guilt to the pile for not being as grateful as I should be and well goodness,
I am a walking mess of anxiety.
I think I am destined to only work in chaotic places--
this is not good for a girl who's Puerto Rican and Italian and already feels emotions at a rapid speed.
One day I can only hope to work a job I'm actually good at.
But until then, I will be that awkward kind-of new girl at work who still can't properly open a wine bottle and thinks about eating all the bread all the time.

Monday, November 14, 2011

a few things i didn't realize about Hey Arnold when i was little but do now

1. Helga's mom is an alcoholic
Either that or she is addicted to Xanax or something. I was rewatching Hey Arnold! recently and COME ON! It's so obvious Helga's mom has got some issues. In one episode she is freaking passed out behind the couch. WHAT THE HECK?! She is scatter brained and always seems like she is seconds from being unconscious. Watching this when I was like, ten or whatever I don't think I really got it but now it seems glaringly obvious. Oh Nickelodeon. 

2. Poor Arnold's mom
How in the world did his mother give birth to a FOOTBALL head? One word: Ouch.

3. Arnold's grandpa is literally Eminem
Don't think so? COME ON! There's such an uncanny resemblance people!



The chin! The nose! It's there, I don't care what you say. If they ever make a live-action movie, Eminem MUST play Arnold's grandpa. It's perfect!!!

4. I didn't know 9 year olds could meander a city by themselves and NOT get kidnapped
I guess they live in the safest city EVER! I wanna live there! They are never with parents. Like, legit, they are NINE YEARS OLD, in fourth grade, and taking cabs, buses, subways and whatnot by themselves. They are so cool. Either they live in the safest city in the world or they are superkids and I wish I had friends like them. Ugh. 

5. I thought massive floods killed people and destroyed cities?
Well apparently they just create water that rises and you can literally take a boat out on out. Oh Arnold, I love your universe.

6. This show is literally hilarious and smart
It's so great to watch it now. There are so many things I didn't get when I was little but do now--the humor is freaking amazing. Everytime Helga yells at Arnold and then goes off on a poetic rant about him...oh my gosh, it's just ridiculous. I love it. ALSO SHE HAS A GUM SHRINE OF HIS HEAD. This is beyond bizarre and amazing. Freaking 90s. I love you.

What do you guys remember about the show now that you didn't when you were little? Isn't Arnold such a classic? So great.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new lands

needtobreathe is serenading me this evening and it is wonderful, especially after such a long day. Goodness, where do I even start.

I guess what I learned today is how important it is to grow and learn, especially in regards to an art or craft. It felt SO good to perform today, both in my Upright Citizens' improv class and in my audition I had today for a Shakespeare Theatre lab. Also, can I just say how great laughter is?? In my improv class I basically laughed for three hours straight. It was so amazing. There is definitely such an adrenaline rush in making people laugh and people making you laugh. Laughter is contagious and wonderful. 

I also walked a lot today. My feet are screaming at me right now. Here are some photos I took whilst walking....seriously, I walked so much. Everything. Hurts.

my dinner--chicken salad sandwich from CVS. yes, that is right. i said cvs. impressed by how fancy i am? eating and walking at a rapid pace to make my audition on time reminds me of my nyc days. i miss those days. today i definitely was hit with a good dose of nostalgia--all the walking, acting, classes and rushing around like a mad woman brought me right back to my NYU days. gosh, i really do miss new york city sometimes.

speaking of NYC--look what i found! the lee strasberg LA studio. oh man. talk about my old stomping ground. i spent hours upon hours upon countless hours at the strasberg studio in NYC...good ol' E 15th street. Strasberg Way. yeah, the nostalgia was definitely there today. crazy to think i'm already done college....i remember my first day at Strasberg at NYU. how terrified i was. how i got kicked out of my singing class for almost falling asleep (yikes). it's so strange--i look back on myself as a freshman at nyu like an old friend. it's so bizarre!! 

so. this was my "i'm not from LA" moment of the day. THIS IS NOT A REAL DONUT HOUSE! no one told me this!!!! i passed this glowing bastion of light in hopes of getting a delicious donut after my audition and even walked around like an idiot, looking for the place, only to realize--it's a piece of freaking art! my heart (and my dignity) was shattered. dang you winchell's!!!!

but no worries:

luckily i found a place close that sold lemon cake. it hit the sweet tooth spot. i figured after all of my walking today a piece of delicious cake couldn't hurt too bad. ugh. it was GOOD. 

and tonight Chanelle & I are off to our community group for Reality LA. as always, i am excited to worship the Lord and have some good fellowship time. today i am grateful and at peace and feeling so blessed. 

hope you all had wonderful tuesdays. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

in the presence of something truly great

  "At the name of Aslan each one of the children felt something jump in its inside. Edmund felt a sensation of mysterious horror. Peter felt suddenly brave and adventurous. Susan felt as if some delicious smell or some delightful strain of music had just floated by her. And Lucy got the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and realize that it is the beginning of the holidays or the beginning of summer."

I love this exerpt from the Narnia books. This weekend I was presented with an interesting thought; what does it actually mean to live and to stand in the presence of God? So often (meaning like, every single day) I am consumed with thoughts that all scream ME ME ME. I am worried about work, relationships, my future, finances--so many things. These worries and anxieties can easily consume me until they are all I think about. I noticed it last week--it is easy to fall into patterns of unhealthy thinking. Wishing I had a different life, was somewhere other than the place that I am right now. Then this weekend at Reality LA's Women's Connect, one of the women on the panel said something that sent my mind reeling. She talked about questions she asks herself when she is feeling upset or sad--Why am I here? Why am I a living, breathing human? Why am I on this Earth at all?

These questions melt all the petty worries away. Because when I really think about it, I am here to glorify God. God who is SO much bigger than man. And when I stand in the presence of something so terrifying, so beautiful, so glorious - the worries about myself go away. They don't even matter at all. And it is so much easier to live and to love when I die to myself. Of course, this is extremely difficult. It is in my nature as a person to be self centered and to be thinking of myself. But I couldn't get that image out of my mind ... of God. And the thing is, so many people think of Christianity as a set of rules. A religion and not a relationship. A religion that makes you feel guilty when you do something you think God wouldn't "like." This couldn't be more untrue. It's not about an organized religion. It is about living my life for Jesus Christ and His teachings. Jesus Christ doesn't set me in chains--He frees me. Because I am free from guilt. Because God wants me exactly the way I am. With all my baggage, all my anxieties and worries. No one on this Earth is beyond God's love. And that's where Jesus comes in. Jesus took all of our pain in the ultimate display of love...He died for us. I CANNOT forget the beauty of this. I cannot grow desensitized to what the cross means.

Even though I am so far from everyone I love and my life is so...weird right now, I feel closer to God than I ever have in my life. And I'm not a theologian. I'm not trying to be. I just want to be the best daughter to the King that I can be. And there is freedom in that. It is truly amazing. And everyday I am growing. I still don't read the bible as much as I want to. I still grow stressed and frustrated with people and life. But it is a constant transformation, a constant journey. A journey that I love being on.

I feel like this blog is bipolar. Looking back at my last two posts and then this, they are completely different. But that's okay, right? Sometimes you just want to talk about what's on your mind, and sometimes you need to talk about what is inside of your heart. Thank you to anyone who read this. 


I just love it, okay?! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

a november soundtrack

This whole the seasons don't really change here in California thing is so hard to adjust to. I have the opposite of seasonal depression-I'm sad because the seasons AREN'T changing. I am used to autumn meaning overcast skies, chilly nights, warm drinks and lots of scarves. Not sunshine and wearing a tanktop for my run! Crazy. But there are certain things that help me feel a little less homesick, especially during autumn. One of those is listening to Frightened Rabbit.

Okay, these guys are absolutely my favorite band right now. In my opinion, they're better than Mumford and Avett. I know, I know, blasphemy! But please give them a listen. Their lyrics are poetic, their music hits your soul. I love a good banjo and throaty vocals and these folks have it all. I can't stop listening to them and they are perfect for the November weather. My favorite right now?

This song is so good! And it's from my favorite album of theirs, "The Midnight Organ Fight." 

Sidenote: I think I need to stop drinking coffee. My hands keep trembling and last night it felt like my whole body was shaking when I was getting ready to fall asleep. NO!!!! Coffee is my one true love! So sad. It's going to be a painful goodbye.

But anyway. Go do your ears a favor and listen to Frightened Rabbit. You can literally feel the coziness. Seriously. Ugh. Now I just want a chai tea latte. More caffeine. I really need to work on this whole caffeine detox. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of November. Fall is my favorite. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a few things guys should never say to a girl

1. "You're built real solid."
I don't see how this is a compliment. This just makes me want to go for a run and never eat again. Unless you're going to describe me as curvy and Beyonce-esque, I really don't want to be called solid. Solid reminds me of high school football players and farmers who milk things. Do I want to be compared to a high school football player? No. I guess I'll just go milk a cow and then drown my tears in cow milk.

2. "You're a hoot."
A hoot? Really? That just reminds me of owls. A hoot. No thanks. How about hilarious, funny, engaging, intriguing, fascinating....but a hoot? Just stop right there and don't bother talking to me because I'm gonna go sew my mouth shut or something. A hoot. 

3. "If you weren't so weird I would totally date you!"
I  had a guy tell me this in high school. We don't talk anymore, and I think it's cause I'm too busy being weird and stuff.

4. "Harry Potter's lame. I don't get it."
This is just something no person should ever say to another human being!!! BLASPHEMY!

Once again, I feel like this list could grow. I'll keep you updated. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

does anyone else think Norman Bates is charming? ugh.

So many good blessings and gifts! First of all, a BIG-big-big thank you to Rachel over at The Singing Sparrow for designing my blog! I LOVE it and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Rachel. You guys should go check her blog out. It's awesome and cozy and she is extremely talented at not only web design but crafty things too! Her Food Fridays are pretty much my favorite ever.

On another note, I have a huge praise. I got a second job! Thank the LORD. Literally. Thank you Jesus. It's at Anthropologie, quite possibly one of my favorite stores ever. It seriously is the coziest, prettiest, best-smelling clothing store ever. I am excited to start working there. It will be nice to have a little less financial stress on my plate. God is so good. I'm excited to have a second job while still applying for jobs within the industry, applying to graduate schools and keeping busy. I also have two auditions coming up and I start improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigrade next week. Lots of exciting, new things and I am feeling pretty good about it all. 

It makes me think of how I need to continually praise God in all seasons and areas of my life. I have no clue why I doubt Him so much. God will ALWAYS provide and ALWAYS be with me. So it doesn't matter if I'm struggling or homesick or lonely or stressed--the constant in my life is Jesus Christ. Jesus, who saved me. Who came to save every single soul on this earth. The message of the gospel never ceases to amaze me and I can't let it. I refuse to grow stagnant in my faith. Everyday, I want to grow closer to the Lord and to learn and grow. Something that has been on my heart is learning to love better. I want to be a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister--I want to love the way Jesus loves. This is hard, since I'm human and sinful and constantly screw up. But this daily prayer in my heart is helping. God has been opening my eyes to everyone I come in contact with and it's been really cool to see subtle little changes. Like when I'm at the coffee shop or walking around the mall before work--I start to have conversations with people around me. It's seriously amazing what a warm smile can do between two strangers. I can't tell you the number of times I've even had brief conversations with my cashier or someone simply by smiling at them. It makes me think of this bizarre community that is humanity. I love it. God, I ask you to continually give me a heart to love people and to use me wherever I am.

Guys, I hope you all had great Halloweens! A lot of times since I've been here Chanelle and I have asked ourselves the question, "How does this stuff happen to us?" This is a question we recently asked ourselves whilst doubled up with laughter. So as all of you know, Chanelle and I are on a tight budget. So the other night, I think it was Saturday, Chanelle had found this flier online for a free haunted house. Of course we were stoked! IT WAS FREE!!!! So she picked me up from work and we drove to this alleged free "haunted house". Much to our amusement, it was literally at a house. Someone's home with a hand-written sign that said in scribbly scroll "Haunted House." Chanelle and I looked at each other, cracking up. Of course a free haunted house would be a bunch of little kids. We felt simultaneously amused and silly. As we were pulling away, one of the kids (they were all about 15-16 year old boys) started to chase us down. I screamed and tried to roll up my window but he looked friendly enough so we stopped.
"Hey!! Are you guys here to see the haunted house!?" He asked excitedly. Granted, at first he thought we were some of his friends, but then he realized we were potential haunted house walker-through-ers.
"Errr," I said.
"Come on," he persuaded from outside the car, beckoning us to park. "You guys will be the last ones to go through! Come on!"
"Errr," I said.
"Let's go through," Chanelle decided, parking the car. "We drove all the way out here anyway."
I scrunched my nose but agreed. The kid was obviously really excited, taking us across his dark lawn and yelling for everyone to take their places. 
"This is really more of a practice," he explained, running ahead of us. "On Halloween it's going to be legit. Go ahead, I'll see you guys at the end." And then he ran through, disappeared and left us alone.
Guys, I spent the entire haunted house clutching the back of Chanelle's shirt, screaming and closing my eyes. I did not think I was that much of a scaredy cat, but I was terrified! Even though I knew they were just high schoolers, even though I knew they couldn't touch me, I was freaking out! I hate things jumping out at me! Chanelle laughed the whole time, I nearly passed out in a cold sweat. At the end they even chased us into the street. But then they took off their masks and a chorus of sweaty-faced, acne clad fifteen year olds were grinning ear to ear, obviously pleased with their performance and I couldn't help but be glad that we went through. They had worked SO hard and were legitimately scary! And it was free! 

So that's my Halloween tale. Hope everyone had a safe and fun night. I watched Psycho last night for the first time. What a freaking awesome movie. Ugh. Love old movies. So good. 

Marion, girl, whacu doin?! Get outta therrr!!!!