Thursday, October 6, 2011

why modern family is ruining my life

I blame it all on Phil Dunphy. See, I was never on the Modern Family bandwagon. I am a hardcore NBC lover. Parks and Recreation & Community are two of my all-time favorite television shows, and let's be honest, I've probably consumed way too much television in my mere 22 years of existence. I love just about everything on NBC's Thursday night lineup. From 30 Rock to the still great The Office. I just always looked at Modern Family as that show. That random ABC fluke that everyone liked but I just turned my nose to. As if ABC could actually make something on par with the wits of Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Joel Mchale, Chevy Chase, ALEC FREAKING BALDWIN. Yeah right. 

My snobbery lasted all throughout seasons one and two of Modern Family. I refused to watch an episode. I know everyone kept raving about it, but I just didn't have time to invest in a new show. Do you know how emotionally taxing it is to start watching a new show? I was already way too attached to Pam, Jim, Ben, Leslie, the Nardog, Liz, I already had my click thank you very much. I didn't need those hooligans on Modern Family. Uh uh.

But then it happened...I don't really know how it happened. All I know is one day I was scoffing at the series and the next my eyes are glued to my computer, watching episode after episode, my life being completely ruined.


Guys, I'm totally obsessed. It's amazing, as I'm sure you all know. But this post isn't about how amazing the series is, the comedic timing, the brilliant and ridiculous writing--no, it's about how Modern Family is seriously ruining my life. And it all comes back to my initial point: Phil Dunphy. Modern Family makes me want to get married, pop out some babies and have a chaotic household with a sweet and slightly clueless husband.


I know, I'm like cringing inwardly. I'm 22. I shouldn't be wanting these things yet. But seriously! I'm not one of those girls that has always dreamed of being a mother or a wife. Sure, I want to, but I've always wanted a successful career more than anything. But then...Modern...Family...Come on. How freaking precious is Phil Dunphy? And how much he loves Claire? All of a sudden I started thinking, "Yes! That's my calling. To be a frantic housewife!"*

*I do not actually think this is my calling.

Okay, I mean, yes, I'm being a little dramatic. And being a wife and a mother is such an admirable job....I just never thought about it before ABC writers GOT INTO MY MIND. Get out yo. But seriously. I just love Phil and Claire so much. So damn you Phil Dunphy for making me literally hear my biological clock ticking away, wondering what the heck I'm doing in Los Angeles when I should PROBABLY be trying to earn my Mrs. Degree somewhere.

Oh this is a mess. Thanks ABC. Thanks a lot.

**to be clear this post is written in jest.
***disclaimers ruin everything

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