Tuesday, October 25, 2011

these things help me remember home

music helps me remember home
the way a blanket wrapped around my twelve year old shoulders
and my door closed meant i could travel away alone.

gray days call for sweaters and a warm drink
turning pages of chapters and being comforted by their ink
free from the way my now anxious mind is programmed to think
i blame it on my student loans.

i could be happy forever inside the smell of a book
or prop my feet up in a hammock and close my eyes as the wind shook
every worry and lie the enemy wants me to believe
and carried them away so there's room for love and grace to be received.

golden crisp leaves help me remember home
scarves warm our necks and the fire lights the room
there's the sound of the marching band drifting through the night
and our little sisters' and brothers' tiny laughter and delight
and i'd like to freeze and stop this moment and put it somewhere safe
for the darker not so clear days when i need something to help make
me feel and remember there are people who love me 
and even though i'm not with them their love is all around and above me. 
and i'll use their love as a shield for the meanness of the world
it will help me be brave for the moments i feel everything start to unfurl.

i wish everyone could be like a cat
sleepy and cuddly and sweet 
the kittens that were living under that house we stayed in once,
they help me remember home.

pictures of my sisters and i from halloween help me remember home

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