Thursday, October 27, 2011

if you should have a bad day

I am so sad! I posted this last night, made some edits, then went back and it was GONE! Blogger, you've never done that to me before! I lost it! And stupid me, I thought blogging it would be safer than having it in a document because my computer always crashes. Ugh. So luckily I had written half of it in my journal and the other half I just kind of tried to remember. It's different from the original, probably not as good, but whatever. It's just a poem. I'm so bummed though! Anyway, it's just a draft but I'm hoping to work on it a little more.

* * * 

If you should have an awful bad day, don't let the world turn you bitter and mean
remember the moments when your heart was full and you felt alive and unseen.
If your day is one of those where you feel lonely and unnoticed,
take a picture of a flower
sing loudly and own it.
Wait for the kettle to whistle and bake from scratch,
or if you suck at baking like I do find a lone wall and play catch.
Let your feet hit the pavement without the burden of technology,
go to a music store sit down at a piano and pretend that you're a prodigy.
Watch a movie in black and white and let your soul be taken somewhere,
Unplug the computer, draw the blinds, walk around in your favorite underwear. 
If your day was just gray and you feel like nobody gets you
know there's a thousand others feeling that way, self pity won't help you.
Understand time is fleeting and ebbs through unfair,
it is the opposite of understanding
so maybe cut your hair
dye the tips blue like you've always wanted to do
go running in the wind
forget lies that are untrue.
Sit down with a friend, don't speak just be silent
let them know your friendship's more than words, it's concrete and reliant.
Go back to an old book you've long left neglected
write a letter to somebody and let yourself be affected.
Shed the layers of insecurity and sing at cheap weeknight karaoke,
belt out a song that makes you feel and don't hesitate when your love says hold me.
Cook a meal with a friend and sit down to enjoy it,
write someone a poem and afterward don't destroy it.
Lay under the night sky and let yourself feel small,
if you have a terrible day and you've no one to call,
just breathe in mercies and Grace and look to the sky,
and try to understand what it means to be in this life alive.
Color the bottoms of your shoes with the wax from crayons,
then go slide down a hill don't be ashamed but quite proud.
Learn how to fishbraid and teach it to your little sister,
be patient when she messes up, tell your mother you miss her.
Forgive those that hurt you and know it's okay not to need them,
Forgiveness is hard but in it there's freedom.
Smile at a stranger and try not to feel cheesy,
cheese is good so don't worry and smiling's quite easy.
If your day leaves you feeling like you are angry at life,
take the keys out of your pocket and go driving through the night.
Remember the way it felt to be five and run free,
the way you scraped your skin and fearlessly climbed trees.
Walk into the pet store and hold in your hand a little hearbeat,
feel the companionship of a puppy or kitten and allow it to be sweet.
If your day is just terrible feel the blessing of being you
If you're chained to your past you can be transformed and made new.
You are not deadlines and papers and ties and desks,
You are not recipes and pretty clothing and home-made cards from guests.
You are not the glares and clipped tones that are thrown your way
You are not the things you wish you would have known to say,
You are not invitations and revelations and how many people are around you,
You are not the loud noise and the pain that always seems to surround you,
You are not invincible and your breath could easily shift,
You were meant to love and be loved,
and even bad days can be gifts.

this song makes me so happy!

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  1. great! i also love writing poems like this. you made a good one. very inspiring. thanks for sharing!