Saturday, October 22, 2011

finally-- a place to call home

God is so good! I am sitting in my new apartment and I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it is to finally have our own place. I just feel beyond blessed. It's funny how God reveals Himself in just the right timing--we literally found this studio apartment at the last minute and the location couldn't be better. It's literally a 7 minute ride from my work, there is a running path nearby, a cozy coffee shop, easy access to highways. It is literally wonderful. I keep thinking back to all of our other housing plans that fell through and how each time I got discouraged and upset. But then I'm sitting here and if we had taken those places, we wouldn't have found something so perfect for us. And the girl who was here before us sold us a really nice glass table/chairs and couch for cheap, AND left us an adorable floor length lamp. And for a studio it's really spacious and has two closets. I am so excited to decorate!! Chanelle and I are going to go to the ever wonderful Melrose Trading Post and try to find some cool bowls/cups/odds and ends we need. Yes, we don't have any bowls. I ate my cereal out of a pot this morning...but hey, it works!!

I never thought I'd like decorating as much as I do and I blame Pinterest for that. Literally, I'm obsessed with that site! And I am realizing that I can still make my space cute with a super tight budget. I like taking ideas from the pinterest boards & thinking of ways to do it for really cheap. I think my first project is going to be the couch. It's a ncie couch, but the cushions are a little beat so I am wondering how to spruce it up. Any DIY ideas for a leatherish couch? 

I think it's amazing how in life one minute everything can be going horribly and the very next it is okay. Just last week I wasn't even sure if I was going to be staying in LA. We didn't have a place to live, I was super stressed and missing home and just confused. And then BAM--we found this apartment. It's like God was saying just hold on a little longer. I don't know what God has planned for me out here, but I know until at least March 15 (when the lease is up) I will be here in California. I love the excitement and adventure. I am open to wherever God is going to take me. 

I will leave you all with this adorable picture of the kittens that lived under the house we were house-sitting a few weeks ago. That awesome hipster house...I miss it. Oddly enough it felt like home. Doesn't your heart just melt? I wanted it so badly!!! I can't wait to get a kitten. I have decided that when I can finally afford it, I am going to buy a kitten. I miss my cat so much. I didn't realize how much it meant to have my cat curled up beside me in bed every night and just that companionship. I really miss having a cat to cuddle with! So I am excited for the day when I can get a kitten.

Today, I am happy guys. It is a good feeling. I pray that all of you who read this may have peace no matter where you are right now. Whether your life is turbulent right now or whether you are unsatisfied or whether you are full of joy. I just pray for peace that you know you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

I love this. I love story people. Does anyone else love story people or know what it is? I want to order one and hang it on the wall. Love it!

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