Saturday, October 29, 2011

the coolest band names

Ever heard of any of these bands? Probably not. They're so indie they don't even exist. 

google image: "say what!" ..... 

Exactly. Say what?! They don't exist? I know, it's crazy! Names this cool NEED to have a band with a muffled, scratchy singing voice, website with hand-drawn font & house shows!

Oh also, I made them up. Actually, whenever I think of a too-cool-to-exist band name, I write it down. Pretty soon I'm going to be sitting on a manuscript of the greatest, most hipster band names ever and when all the hipsters of the world lose every creative brain cell they have, they'll come after me and I'll sell the manuscript for a pile of gold. This is my master plan.

Banjo Grandpa* (bluegrass hipster)
Little Spoon (sensitive guy band)
The Jealous Fetus (band dresses in nude unitards)
King Sized Bunk Beds* (summer camp band)
The Semi Colons (band made of musicians with partial colons)
Hate On Hufflepuffs (band made of me, hating on Hufflepuffs and cursing the day Pottermore sorted me there)
Colonial Barbie (band wears bonnets)
Las Vacas Huevos (grammatically incorrect Spanish cow eggs band)
The Entitlement Boys (band of liberal arts grads, also girls cuz that's extra ironic)
Latte Art (coffee house band)
The Cat's Pajamas* (band of cats wearing pajamas)
Between the Lines (all lyrics must be read between the lines....literally, standing between lines)
Driving Studs (band of actual stud earrings that drive)

*created with another genius brain

Are you guys excited to see these bands on tour!?
Me too.

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  1. what happened to a million screaming babies?