Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ways to deal with a super bad, really awful day

some days just suck, people. that's just how it is in life, i guess. and because this day wasn't really all that great, i'm going to abandon capitalizing letters! to heck with it! see how wild i am!!!

for those of you out there who have crummy days where even though the sun might be shining but inside your little bubble of personal space it is raining, i put together a little list of things that make me feel better. so far it's working, but that might be because most of the stuff i'm just making up on the spot. (ugh, my secret's out)

1. reminding yourself that you are not responsible for the Twilight franchise
this should automatically make you feel better. while i could really use all that money stephanie meyer made to pay back my student loans, i look at it as blood money anyway. dirty money. i don't want that! i would hate to know i have polluted the minds of young girls everywhere as i drove my fancy car to work or whatever. anyway. when i am sad or feeling down, i think i am so glad i didn't write those books! so think this and you should be smiling by the end of that thought. 

2. cooking a home cooked meal whilst listening to good music
ugh, i kind of cringe at this one. because i am not the kind of girl who enjoys domestic things, like cooking and cleaning and crafting. i always enjoy the end result but never the process. but today i was stressed and feeling down and i was also really, really hungry. have you ever had days where you wake up just RAVENOUS?! i felt like i could eat an entire cow and i would! i would people! no matter how cute cows are today i just wanted to sautee one or something. (.............) 
anyway. i decided to cook myself dinner and i put on some music. for me, to give me peace, i put on some jj heller. 
such a good song. the girl just sings from the heart & her words are so honest and beautiful. it definitely reminded me of how God is always with me through my ups and downs as i try to figure out 'how to walk this weary land.' music is always a good way to ease a troubled heart.

3. reading the bible
i'll be the first one to admit that sometimes it is really hard for me to open my bible. i'll listen to worship music, i'll pray, i'll do an interpretive dance in front of a high school football team before i'll open my bible. which is stupid. because everytime i open it and read my soul is quenched. today i read the end of romans 8 and jeremiah 29:11
also chanelle had this as her facebook status earlier and it's perfect

"And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us."
romans 5:3-5

why is it hard for me to read scripture sometimes when i love it so much? silly me. i'm lame. but it's okay because jesus is so much cooler than i could ever be and i am very grateful for that. 

4. reading fanfiction
if you guys don't know what fanfiction is i kinda feel sorry for you :-/ but seriously. it's so nerdy and delicious. when you find good stories, of course. beware of the scary preteen writers. *cries* anyway. okay take your favorite movie or book? we'll use a totally random, completely unbiased example: harry potter. you love harry potter soooooo much. well now you are sad because it's all over. LIES! it's not all over. it's actually really great, there's this thing called fanfiction where you can post stories you write in the world of harry potter. like, what was hermione and ron's wedding day like? what if luna married george weasley? what if harry was actually a girl? okay the last one is totally dumb and i would NEVER read a fanfiction about that but seriously. fanfiction--it's a great cure for a lousy day. 

5. running
i love running. i haven't been able to do much of it here because i don't have means of transportation and i have yet to find a good spot to really run. well, i've run by the beach a few times. that's amazing. i love it. there is something so exhilerating about running. i love feeling the sweat drip down my back, love feeling my muscles work so hard, love the wind whipping my face. it relieves so much tension and is good exercise. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? 

well that's it for tonight guys. i love every single person that reads this. like, I REALLY LOVE YOU. is that weird? it just means  so much that someone would read my words. i don't understand it but i lovelovelove it. good night and i hope you all have beautiful days tomorrow! 

i miss them so much it physically hurts. but looking at this old picture (seriously, we all look so different!!) cures a little bit of my homesickness. or maybe it just makes it worse. 


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  2. hey there! i love running too... totally agree. hope your day gets better!