Saturday, September 3, 2011

an ode to sometimes wishing i was from the south, the "south" being what movies and books have told me so beware of stereotypes you real life southerners.

On occasion I wish I was a Southern Belle,
whatever that means.

I want to come home from college which is an hour or two away
And I want all my neighbors to open their windows and of course they will all have the old fashioned windows and their eyes will POP
and they'll all smile and shout to one another
"She's home! Nina's home from school everybody!" And I'll just laugh and I'm probably wearing a cardigan.

And I imagine pie
Lots of pies just resting on windowsills, pecan pie because I once stopped in a pecan store in Alabama and I just think the South I think PECAN
The pies are cooling and no one is stealing them
It’s not like in New York City where the pigeons would get it, or that fat rat that waddled across my foot once and I didn’t even scream because, well I’m not a Southern Belle. That fat rat wouldn’t be anywhere near my pecan pie.

I'll be best friends with the boy next door obviously who drives a pick-up truck and even though we don't date he doesn't like any other girl but me and then when we're in like, our mid twenties we decide yes, we love each other and we'll have a backyard wedding.

I'd probably have a rope swing in my backyard which happens to be next to a lake. I would love that.

And I'd actually like Sweet Tea instead of just being indifferent to it,
and when I come up North everyone will be like "Awwwww that accent, you are so darling."
Because nobody says that about a girl from a suburb of Philadelphia,
I don't say things darling I just say "wooder" instead of water and everyone looks at me weird when I swoon over Wawa.

If you don't love Wawa you are missing parts of your soul.



  1. That sounds like a pretty good life.

  2. Haha. I love this. I sometimes wish I were a 'Southern belle' as well, but nothing can take me away from my Carribean roots, translated by Philadelphia upbringing where I too say "wooder" instead of "water". :-)