Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LISTS: they're kind of like, my thing.

I enjoy making lists. Following them? That's the hard part. This week I realized that there are certain things that make me feel bad and certain things that truly nourish my soul and spirit. So today I decided to write a list down in my journal of things that make me feel blue so I can avoid them, and a list of things that make my heart full so I can work harder to stick to that list as well. It feels good to see it written down. 

What do you guys do to pull you out of a funk/make your spirit happy? Please share!! :)

things that make me feel bad about myself
-celebrity gossip sites 
-sitting on my computer
-watching TV for too long

things that nourish my soul
-going to a coffee shop 
-reading (anything. fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, fanfiction)
-connecting to people i love (skype, texting, phonecalls, hanging out although since moving that is hard to do)
-good music (banjo solos make me giddy)
-silly music (i LOVE kreayshawn)
-Jane Austen-esque movies

I just want to say thank you to everyone who comments. I'm trying to get better at responding. Each time I get an email saying someone commented on a post I feel so blessed that anyone reads this thing at all! so thank you.


  1. I'm very glad I came across your blog. Your posts are uplifting and real! Love it!

  2. Reading through Psalms and sipping coffee. Works everytime. :)
    Ashlee@ Capernaum Home

  3. If Jane Austen-esque movies make you happy, you should check out Lost in Austen :) Kind of super cheese, but it makes me happy, ha! As a fellow list lover, I think this is great. Sometimes you just have to name the things that aren't working so you can better avoid them.