Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy birthday mom!

She is the most selfless person I know. Since I was little I have seen my mother work harder than any person I know to make sure we were taken care of. Whether that was spending time with us each day as babies and toddlers, or working up to two jobs at a time--my mother is the definition of hardwork. She loves with a heart so big it's almost ridiculous--she literally feels for other people in a way I could only hope to. 

Mom, I love you so much. God's love shines through you so much even if you can't see it. You are strong. I can't say that enough. You are a fighter, a soldier, and it is so amazing for me to have a woman like you to look up to my whole life. I know I am made of strength and I see that in you. You have taught me to never question my dreams and never give up. Your unconditional love and support flows from somewhere almost unhuman, and that's exactly how I know it's from God. The way you love Rebecca, Christina and myself is beyond my comprehension. With you I always feel safe and protected. 

You are funny. That's one of my favorite things about you! You are the most hilarious person I know. I see where Christina gets it from. I remember sitting with you, just me and you, right before I went into my audition for NYU. I remember how you cried and how I saw how proud you were. You never, ever made fun of who I was and for that I am so, so grateful. You have taught me what it means to run full-force for what is in my heart. You stand up for what is right! THAT is something that I look up to most. It is so rare in this world to find someone, especially a woman, who is not afraid to use the voice God gave them. To question, to learn, to challenge, to grow. I wish I was braver like you. You are BRAVE. 

I miss you so much. Thank you for letting me come out here, thank you for supporting me.  It is so hard to be away from you, especially on your birthday. I wish you have the most amazing day because I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. 

Happy birthday Mom! I love and love and love you!

You are gorgeous! And so stylish.

Thank you for loving me! (ahaha i have limited picture resources...but i like this one)

sometimes i wish i could go back to being little! just jump right in this photograph.

so much laughter.

 happy birthday mom!


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