Thursday, August 25, 2011

the human experience

Sometimes the best nights are ones spent alone, relaxing. Do you guys agree? The other night was quite lovely. I had coffee with two of my best friends since high school, Melanie and Jeane. We took our delicious Starbucks treats (I will forever be a Starbucks fan. Don't care what you think! Their product is consistently good) to Swarthmore college. It was a beautiful summer's-ending kind of night. It was a night that made me so excited for autumn and crave sweaters and Linvilla and pie and baking and all sorts of wonderful cozy things! Anyway, it was a great night just talking and enjoying one another's presence. Afterward I came home and decided to enjoy my time alone and instead of packing (oh gosh, I still have to do worries, guys!) I decided to watch a documentary I've been meaning to watch for awhile called "The Human Experience." 


I'd watched the trailer about 50,000 times but finally the other night I had the opportunity to watch it on Netflix. It was seriously one of the most amazing, incredible, moving, heart-breaking, inspirational documentaries I have ever seen. You guys have to watch it!!!!! 

I could go on and on about every detail I loved in the film but really, my words are useless. You just need to watch it. Let yourself be moved. It's so easy to be consumed with our own lives and we fall into this bubble. It's hard to see with a bigger perspective. This documentary reminded me that it is important to get out of your comfort zone, to travel, to love. But also what was so great is that it also helped me remember that I can practice real love wherever I am. Whether it's at home, in a different city, in a different country...sometimes, and I've really noticed this since becoming a Christian, there is this glamorized view of traveling and going on missions trips to other countries. While traveling and going to other places is SO IMPORTANT (really, it's a huge part of my heart) we can't forget about letting God use us right where we are. That is exciting. I love that. 

Anyway, you really should watch it. It's short, too! :) 

Today it is rainy. And thunder-stormy. While usually I'd hate this, today I love it! It's so cozy! My sister Christina just finished reading all the Harry Potters for the first time so she's making me watch Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. It's perfect on this rainy&gloomy day. I brewed a fresh pot of coffee and now I'm just content to lay around the house reading and drinking coffee. But I DO have to pack...yiiiiikes. I'm such a procrastinator. Woops.

My breakfast. Well, actually just the coffee, let's be honest, I didn't eat the cupcake. But I'm proud of them! I made them last night for small group...I'm not the best baker but actually, I'm starting to like it! What's happening to me? Am I really enjoying something so...domestic? Coming from the girl who can barely keep up on her laundry and gets ready in about 10 minutes...but I have to say, baking IS something that just makes me feel....good. 

I hope you all enjoy your day, whether it's filled with cupcakes and coffee or cozy movies or packing or whatever it is you are doing!!! You're all wonderful! Don't forget it. Okay?



  1. I love nights spent alone. I need one or 2 a week after work or I don't feel rested or like I took time fo rmyself. I like baking better than cooking :)

  2. #1. Watching Harry on a perfectly blustery, rainy day equals a wonderfully superb good time.

    Eating it with one of those ace of spades good time. :)) heehee

    #2. I am totally putting that film in my Netflix queue if they have it. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing that. I had never heard of it.


    #3. As to your opening question? –––ummm yeah!! Love spending time with friends and family...but sometimes it is just so refreshing to get by myself and just a a good book... yeah...just be.

    :)) Jeanine