Friday, August 12, 2011


Something that really bothers me is when girls say they hate other girls. Like, YOU ARE ONE. So you hate yourself? That's smart.

I know it's more complicated then that....but it really bothers me. Come on, we've all heard it. 

Girl Who Hates Girls: I'm just a boy's girl. Girls are too catty, too dramatic. I'd rather hang with the boys! I just can't stand girls. Ugh!

This makes me super duper angry. Not just super angry, but I added that duper in there! Because listen, it's like this: Enough of the world already dislikes women, already looks down on them and doesn't treat them right anyways. As women, it is our duty to help empower other women! And I don't care what you say, person who is rolling their eyes at me and saying, 'ENOUGH OF THE FEMINIST THING ALREADY.' But no. I don't care what you say, it is STILL hard for a woman in this world! And I'm not bashing men, at all, I'm just calling out the girls who hate other girls.

AND the girl who says they pray and hope they never have a daughter and only have sons. I always cringe when I hear this. How beautiful would it be to raise a little girl, to show her what it means to be a woman of Christ and how much God loves her, to see her grow and mature and love others compassionately? What is so wrong with that? Little boys are great but so are little girls. SO STOP THE HATIN!

I just don't think it's okay to go against your own gender. I feel very white and black about this issue. You can't say you hate all girls-- that's not fair. And for your information, girl who never wants daughters, I have two sisters and NO brothers and I wouldn't change it for the world. I wouldn't change the crazy wrestling, the fighting, the laughing so hard we pee, the comfort and the bond only sisters can have. I wouldn't change that at all.

And to the girl who doesn't have sisters by blood--think of your best friends.  Instead of bashing girls and how stupid and petty they are, CHANGE THE CYCLE. You ever see two best friends and it's just the most beautiful thing in the world? Let's continue this! Let's STOP calling each other whore, bitch, slut, dumb, desperate, immature, ugly, fat, skinny--let's start loving each other. FOR REAL. And I'm not saying I wanna have snuggle slumber parties with all of you where we cuddle and paint our toenails (those are reserved only for my cat)...I'm just saying you sitting there, hatin' on your own gender isn't doing anything to CHANGE what you say you hate so much. It's only perpetuating the cycle.

And now, I shall leave you with what you knew you were going to read from the minute you started: a quote about women to empower them. What better than from Sex & The City, every gal's FAVE show!?

"It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes--that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!"

OH MY GOSH I'M TOTALLY JOKING. Guys, ew, I wouldn't end with that quote from that television show! Stoooopppp. You don't even know me at all :-/

Anyways.....I've dragged this post on long enough. But seriously, that is my pet peeve. And I don't even like pet peeves, but girls who say they hate other girls....definitely not feeling it ladies :-/ Let's just all love each other and have that snuggle slumber party I was talking about! JUST KIDDING THOSE ARE ONLY FOR MY CAT.


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