Monday, August 22, 2011

a funny thing happened on the way home

It was the catchy pop rhythm that made my fingers hestitate to change the radio station--it was fitting to the weather. The way the breeze held the first promises of autumn and the way I let my windows roll down (I never do this. I love air-conditioning. Best invention in the whole wide world). 

I had never heard this song before blasting through my speakers but I liked it. And then I started to feel a sense of familiarity. The lilting, slightly accented male voice reminded me of Sean Kingston which led me to place the second slightly raspier voice--JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!

Was this what I thought it was? The anticipated collaboration of two of the greats? Were Biebz and Kingston at it again? Since "Eenie Meenie" came out and was added to both my work-out playlist entitled 'Shake the Glitter' (thanks Ke$ha) and my 'Sunny Skies' playlist, I've been anxiously awaiting for the little Canadian boy who stole my heart so long ago and the Jamaican-American smoothe stylings of one Sean Kingston. 

I've never been one to pin-point voices to vocalists, but I was SURE. Something in my gut and my heart told me this was Kingston and Bieber. I knew it. All the tell-tale signs were there. Fluttery heart? Check. Blushing cheeks? Check. A giddy, youthful smile and bob of the shoulders before I could even control it? Double check. 

And then...THE LYRICS! Was--wait--was that Philly you just said? So many pretty faces in Philly? And did you just mention Cherry Hill, and I swore you just said 'Jersey.' Wait, wait, wait. My heart started pounding uncontrollably. Suddenly I pictured myself in California, ten pounds thinner, longboarding next to Justin Bieber, laughing about how Selena Gomez wasn't really his type anyway--she was from Texas!--and he's all about even older 22 year old Philly girls. 

I couldn't contain my excitement. I quickly texted Chanelle telling her of the new song and how much it already meant to me. She was equally excited and probably a little jealous that Justin and Sean weren't singing about High Point, but I let it slide because I was too busy flapping my elbows to the music as I pulled into my driveway, excited to youtube this gem of autotuned music and shell out 1.29$ to add it to my Shake the Glitter playlist. 

Nothing could bring me down as I greeted my cat, even gave him a high-five! Gizmo could tell I was excited by the way he meowed and rubbed against my leg, probably a little shocked he knew how to high-five (I was too). But even my high-fiving cat couldn't deter me from my mission to confirm what I so believed was true--that Justin Bieber was singing about Philly girls--and not just any Philly girls, but ME! I just..I knew it. 

That's weird. Nothing came up when I googled "Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Philly girls song".... hmmm. "Won't Stop"?--no, that's not the collaboration song I was thinking of. Doesn't sound like it. I typed in some more lyrics, a little thrown but still basking in the glow of Justin's still pubescent voice. 



And then I realized it wasn't Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston at all but this fellow Iyaz and Travis McCoy. WHAT?!
Everything in me deflated. As if that wasn't bad enough, the song changes the lyrics to whatever city it's played in, so it's not even specific to Philly. I shot a text to Chanelle to quell my humiliation, explaining the mixup. She was more concerned about how I could mix up Travis McCoy and Justin Bieber than she was about my weepy text. That's a good friend. No making fun of me, just gentle confusion as to how I could possibly mix up the Biebz with anyone. I asked myself the same question and alas, I have no answer.

I still like the song, but now it just doesn't hold the same value....I don't think I'll be bobbing shoulders to it anytime soon. I even tried to high-five my cat again, but he wasn't feeling it. A sad moment in what was promising to be such a beautiful day. Oh Justin, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!!

But I shall keep my head up for the day I meet Justin Bieber and he realizes all along he's wanted a Philly girl. I mean, come on, who doesn't?! 

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