Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yesterday was a good day

First off, can I just say--WOW! 49 followers?!?! That's 48 more than I ever could have hoped for! Seriously, you guys are awesome. And thank you to those who comment, I read them and love them and wish I could give you all HUGS without it being weird that I'm hugging some people I've never met! But seriously. I'm trying to find a better way of responding to comments--is it working when I comment back on the same post? I'm afraid no one ever sees that I reply back to them! Maybe I'll start doing reply back comments in the posts. I don't know. Anyway LYLAS/LYLAB to you ALL! (if you don't know what that means you were never 12 years old and had a screenname...and I congratulate you).

Yesterday was a good day guys. This is one of those posts where I'm just gonna talk about my day...I don't usually do this, but I just feel like it today. It is what it is. Anyway...yesterday was GOOD. For one, it was my first day off in 8 days. Hallelujah! Working that much is exhausting but I need every penny for Californiaaa, so I am happy to do it, but it is REALLY nice to have a day off. But a day off is never really a day off, huh? I woke up early and hit the gym and was STRUGGLING. Working out in the morning is the hardest for me. My energy is super low and my body just aches. Ideally, I'd work out at 6pm everyday, but I knew yesterday was going to be busy and I wanted to just get the workout done. 

After the gym I showered and threw on my bathing suit! AH! I love putting on swimwear. It just screams summer. I took my little sister to her lifeguarding job and since she was only sitting for an hour, I decided to lay out and do some reading. I just started Shauna Niequist's Bittersweet. 

So far I really like it. It's a blog/essay style book with thoughts on faith, spirituality and life...finding the good and the beautiful in the bittersweet moments. It is really speaking to me in this season of my life. Reading it yesterday was so peaceful--isn't reading in the sun the best? I love reading on the beach....but I can deal with poolside too. Anyway. So often I find myself thinking everyone else but me has got their life together. This can especially ring true in Christian communities. Everyone else does dedicated quiet times, volunteers, has dinner parties, journals....I'm the only one who isn't perfect. LIES! Of course it's all lies. No one is perfect. But there's something about reading another's words, crafted together eloquently that I just love and is just so encouraging. Especially being a woman reading another woman's words. I love it. 

After my reading time I took my sister to King of Prussia mall to find an outfit for a special occasion in her life. I am so proud of myself that I drove on a four lane highway! Guys, you don't know what this means for me! I went to college in NYC, I missed out on 3.5 years of driving! Anyway, I was proud of myself. And I love the KOP mall. It's so clean and pretty and....exhausting. 

Finally I got to see my best friend Laura, who is usually up in Boston for school. She's an amazingly talented singer who goes to Berklee for music therapy. She's been my best friend since my sophomore year of high school and I can honestly say nothing much has changed in our friendship. We still laugh until we pee. We still act ridiculous and cry sometimes. I am so grateful and blessed for her friendship. It's not often you have a friend that you can so totally be yourself. I feel like I don't have to hide anything from Laura. I never feel judged by her, never feel like I'm not good enough. She is the closest thing to another sister that I can have. Anyway, I love spending time with her because it doesn't happen often. We're always in separate states! We had a good time last night....I finally got to try out my new longboard! I am in the process of buying it off a guy at work, but he let me take it anyway. It is a lot of fun! I'm hoping to get better and more confident. I still have to figure out how to turn. I love summertime! I love the buzz of the morning, the sticky air, the crunchy sun-burnt skin, the smell of an air-conditioned room. I LOVE IT ALL! (:

Here's I am cruising. Don't you love how instagram makes everyone an instant photographer? Bwhahah.

In this last month that I am home, I am trying to enjoy the daily sweet moments. Trying not to get too anxious. Like the fact I still don't have a job out in California...I know God has a plan, I just wish I knew what it was!!! Shnykies. But I am trusting. And preparing...spiritually, emotionally, physically. I am excited.

Today I am grateful for real and true friendships. The kind where you don't need to see or talk everyday to know you are connected by something deeper. It's a wonderful and sweet part of life! 


  1. You sound so happy in this post :) I love reading by the pool.
    My boyfriend lives in Philly and I tell him all the time that their 4 lane highways are SCARY!!! I've been to King of Prussia once, it's like mall heaven.

  2. Visiting from 20sb. I am glad you had such a wonderful day! And when I reply to comments I just hit "reply" from the email (the comment is emailed to me) and if they made their email public it goes right into their inbox. If email is not public, they get no reply. Sad, I know.

  3. Lovely post!
    Real friendships are so precious..the kind where even if you don't talk in ages, you can pick up exactly where you left off! :)

  4. Its amazing to have that one close friend that you can totally rip your heart out to and be 100% you knowing it won't change a single thing about your friendship except to maybe build it stronger. I have one friend who's been there for me since freshman year of high school and we've stuck through it all together, and Now he's finally coming out to where I go to college, even if he's now a couple years behind due to different struggling circumstances. But I digress I know the feeling of having that super close friend,OH, and the thinking everyone else around you has it all together and you're struggling. So great post, and God Bless.