Wednesday, July 6, 2011

how to be best friends with your cat and not be a cat lady

Guys, I'M IN LOVE, okay?! And it's not with that tall, lanky boy that comes into my work and has swoopy hair and is all like, Swarthmorian and probably only wears TOMS and journals in a moleskin...

Noooo. It's wiff mah cat. And like, it goes beyond just normal pet adoration. Gizmo is my friend and I DON'T CARE. He's creepy human like too. Whenever one of us is sad, Gizmo immediately senses it and comes and stays with us. He doesn't like to be alone and he straight up eats popcorn. He also reaches for you! Not kidding. HOW CUTE.  I'm not even 22, I can't be a cat lady yet, right? And I only have ONE cat. In order to be a cat lady I feel like you first of all, need to have a porch and second of all, need to have more than one cat. 

I am so proud of my love for my cat. All you dog lovers out there get to be like, super proud all the time and no one ever makes fun of YOU. I don't think it's weird that you let your dog lick your mouth (ewww) or that you have a tattoo of your dog's face on your lower back...nope not weird at all, that's actually super cool. (lies)

Well, listen up you! CATS RULE TOO! 

So here's how it is--how to be best friends with your cat without being a cat lady.

1. It's perfectly okay to talk to your cat, especially when they meow back, but try to keep it down in front of people. 
2. Cuddling is always allowed. 
3. Never dress your cat. Your cat (and you) will probably most definitely look like a fool.
4. Glare at people when they say "You have a cat, don't you?" Keep glaring. Eventually they get scared and go away.
5. Only make you & your cat your facebook profile picture every few months. It can't be like, all the time. But every once in awhile it garners the "awww" factor.
6. Love your cat.
7. Always.

I'm gonna miss Gizzy when I move away in August, but for now I have plenty of time to adore him and plan out when we will skype while I'm in LA. Okay, maybe I'm being a little overdramatic, but hey, guys, I am proud of my love for my kitty.

me and gizzy hanging out before bed. 


  1. I totally used to talk to my cat when I lived with her...

  2. i just found your blog through 20sb and LOVE it! this post spoke to me the most :) i have 2 cats and absolutely adore them! my friends literally call them my children but i am perfectly fine with that!

    i follow you now! :)

  3. I'm in the same boat! I adore the crap out of my sweet little girl. She's cuddling with me now and has been extremely affectionate all week.

    And yes, it's ok to love your cat and be proud of it! I figure, as long as it's only one cat and you have your sanity, it's cool.