Thursday, June 23, 2011

mischief managed: on the defense of pranks

You know the power of an adrenaline rush? How some people get it kayaking on a river with crazy rapids (I nearly had a panic attack kayaking down the Delware but that's a different story, fun but I'm a city girl at heart people!), or sky-diving, bungee jumping, repelling down a mountain in the Alps?

I get it from pranking people. 

Hear me out guys. Pranking is awesome. I'm not talking mean-spirited, gross or inappropriate (well, mildly at times) pranks. I'm talking being a good, old fashioned prankster. And listen, I'm not even an expert here. You should talk to Chanelle (read her blog here) .. the girl could write the handbook on pulling pranks. But listen, I've always had a love of laughing, joking, messing around and pranking. But then when I got to college and met Chanelle and we became super close the spring semester 2009, I was brought back full-force to the wonders and amazingness that is pulling pranks. Funny how I went to college and THEN began to master the art of pranking. Although, honestly, I'm not a master but I'm getting there. 


There is nothing wrong with pulling pranks. Some people say that prank-pulling is a result of immaturity. BAH! I laugh in your faces! In love, of course, but still, I laugh. I throw my head back and cackle gleefully, because all you prank-haters out there, I have to heartily disagree. Pranking does not mean you are immature. I would actually go so far to argue that it points towards the mature aspect of laughing at yourself and not taking life too seriously all the time. You know what shows immaturity? 
1. Not being able to hold a conversation with someone.
2. Gossip
Well, I'm sure there is more but those two are all that I'm getting right now because I have a headache and have been drinking not nearly enough coffee...but this post isn't about what is immature, but the beauty of pulling a prank.

I prank people because it keeps me young. It makes my friends and I laugh and laugh until our stomachs hurt and chances are we peed a little. It makes a dull night so much more exciting, it's silly and fun and usually the person on the receiving end of the prank is good-humored and enjoys it as well. When you get to the expert level of pranking, you pick up patterns. For instance, say you texted your friend (who shall remain nameless) who is obsessed with Megan Fox (and is female) from an unknown number, telling her to press 1 because she just won a contest to get a phonecall from Megan Fox. Well, if this girl (who is so totally not me!) gets pissed and throws a hissy fit, you know never to prank that person again. HOWEVER...if this girl gets so excited she does a heel-click and desperately waits for the operator to connect her to Megan and is confused when nothing ever happens, then you have successfully pranked this girl. (For the record, I don't have an inappropriate crush on Megan Fox...I simply think it would be fun to raise a family with her one day...I mean... what?)

For anyone interested in getting into pranking, I compiled a little list of some good self-starter pranks to get you out there and into the world of pranking. One day, hopefully, you'll get so good at pranking that people will eventually start to blame you for certain pranks you never even is a hilarious feeling to know that you didn't actually do that, but are getting the credit. Merrum.

1. The Sky Is Falling Fakeout
This is a great, simple prank. Nothing is required except the sidewalk and you. This was perfect when I was in school in NYC. All you do is continue on your way, walking down the street, and right as you are about to pass a group of people, you double-take up at the sky and immediately cover your head, acting like something is coming down on you. Enjoy watching the people passing you freak out & ultimately create mini-chaos on the street. 

2. Dude, where did you get your shirt?!
This prank is especially dear to my heart because I made it up. I guess it's less of a "prank" and more of just casually messing with someone. It's not mean, I swear! It's not mean because it's harmless and actually can lead to real conversations. Say you are at the gym. You just go up to someone (more fun when it's the opposite gender) and say like, "Oh my gosh, I love your shirt! Where did you get it?" It's fun because everyone is just in a T-shirt. They either look at you weirdly, or respond enthusiastically. For instance, the first time I did this I approached a cute NYU freshman (I am not ashamed of this because any straight, single female who went to NYU understands that NYU turns you quickly into a cougar) and asked him where he got his T-shirt from that said "China" on it. He was flustered for a minute before responding energetically, "My dad went to China!!" and then bounced off. It's fun, trust me.

3. The Classic Prank Phonecall
This is soooo chock full of adrenaline it's redonk. Especially when you prank phonecall someone you haven't talked to in so long. The best is the people that go along with it. I have to admit, I'm a terrible prank phone-caller. I always freeze up and just start giggling. But it's still fun and Chanelle's the best at it. 

Those are 3 of my faves and pretty simple/easy. You could get really elaborate and steal a picture from a friend's apartment during a party, hold it for ransom and send them pictures of you holding the picture with a stocking over your head, but that's pretty advanced and most people just find it creepy....anyway, that is my post on pranking. Go forth and prank, little marauders!!! 

On a different note, I can't wait to read this book:

& really should have already read this book:

ugh, I'll get there eventually. First I have to finish Narnia. I imagine when I finish reading Narnia, I'll feel like a new mother. Like, I've been carrying the thing around for nine months but FINALLY I can sleep on my stomach again...





  1. I have to say, I also perfected the art of pranking in college. And I'm 25 and married, still making prank phone calls, and hope to be twenty years down the road.

    So good for you! ;)

  2. Umm...basically, I love being a prankster too. Have you read my post about ketchup cookies? I think you should.

    And, I love your whole "where did you get that shirt spiel"! I'll have to try it. Thanks.

  3. I really like those prank ideas!

  4. Pranking is fun! I prank call my coworkers while AT work to see their reactions. Too bad they've come to expect it..

  5. Thank you for all of your comments and for reading!!!!! Haha, I'm glad there are still pranksters out there!!! (: