Sunday, June 26, 2011

i love christian bale in many forms, but mostly as a singing newsboy from 1899

Sup y'all. I wish I could get away with saying 'Y'all' like it was ever a part of my daily vocabulary. I did spend some time in Virginia at a Young Life camp two summers in a row, but that hardly counts and was barely a month at a time. Whatever. Chanelle says it a lot, I'll just blame it on the fact that I'm picking up the lingo. Yeah.

Anyway, what have I been up to lately? Working. Ew. A blog post to come on that later....also, I recently played an intense game of monopoly with my sister Rebecca (who has a travel blog coming out soon--stay tuned!!!) and my grandmom. AND I COMPLETELY PWNED THEM. I felt a little bad about it, because it's my grandmom and all, but still....isn't monopoly such a good illustration of real life? The richer get richer and the poor stay poor. Yikes. Anyway, if it hadn't been for me landing on Free Parking FIVE TIMES!! then I probs wouldn't have won. It's okay though because I did and let's be honest, winning monopoly is such a good feeling.

GUYS. I have a confession. I am in love with singing boys in historical clothing. (if you need explanation on my historical obsession as a child you can go here) I know, it's wrong, but I can't help it. I blame it on the topic of this blog today: 


yeah, you kick dat leg Christian

Chances are if you're a musical theatre nerd, girl, or fanfiction aficionado (like me, AND I'M NOT EVEN ASHAMED!!) then you will most likely be a fan of Newsies. The first time my ears and eyes ever graced the wonders that is this campy movie, I was in my 8th grade English class. I don't even know why we watched it. But let me tell you, I FELL IN LOVE. Hard. Like, in 8th grade I had limited experience with boys and liked it that way, but Newsies was definitely my first true love and guys what a real love it was (is). You don't even know. I have journals from 8th grade where I just write, "Why can't I be in the world of Newsies?! WHY?!" Ummm, maybe because being a poor orphan living in a lodging house full of other poor orphans, hawking headlines for a living and also, being a girl, would have absolutely sucked and I'm pretty sure I'd be either dead by the second week or trying to get a job in with Medda the Lark.

Which brings me to another question--why the heck did all the boys love Medda so much? Lady (Ann-Magret) was like 50 and had way too much uncomfortable, wrinkly cleavage and it was all so awkward to watch. Ah. I digress.

Are you guys fans of
Newsies? It is a true story, after all. Very inspiring. I mean, honestly, WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE PEOPLE!!!!? You do not understand what Newsies meant for so many years of my life. It was beyond a healthy liking. It was obsession. I used to force people to watch it with me, praying they'd be moved by the choral number of 'Seize the Day' -- just hoping they'd get chills the way I did and be rallied in their heart to a better tomorrow by the hoards of singing boys on the screen, doing all sorts of chaotic fancy dance moves that only Kenny Ortega (the genius behind High
School Musical) could create. THIS MEANT SO MUCH TO ME.

It all makes sense. In 8th grade I had braces, baby fat and read Harry Potter on the weekends. I had yet to meet Laura who I would spend hours with just laughing until we peed a little, I had yet to start high school, I had yet to really do much of anything. I
lived in the world of books and movies. 8th grade was also the year I lost my grandfather. The first really close death to my heart and I am not even kidding when I think falling into the underground, online community of Newsies (and YES there is one, full of fanfiction contests and livejournals and all sorts of weird, wonderful things that were perfect for my 13 year old self) was a coping mechanism. I didn't have a relationship with Jesus...I had no faith at all, really. The closest I felt to comforted was when I blared 'Carryin' the Banner' in my room and journaled about my love for Mush.

Oh yeah, I loved Jack Kelly and his awkward Santa Fe dance number, but my heart belonged to Mush and Spot Conlon.

I mean..look at that face on Mush...well, also he's shirtless which is super awky.

And Spot may look like a little frog, but my inner fangirl swoons with nostalgic delight.

I think I'm also feeling nostalgic for a movie that played such a key role in my adolescence because they're making a Broadway musical of it soon and you best believe I'ma see that. 

Whenever I think about listening to a song from the soundtrack, or I have a fever and need to watch something that warms my heart and put the DVD in, it feels like I'm smiling back on an old friend. It's nice. It makes me sentimental, kind of embarrassed, and makes me laugh. 

What are some of your favorite childhood movies? Long live awkward singing teens with cool clothes and terrible New York accents!!! Huzzah!



  1. I saw your title and I just had to click on it and read it. I absolutely love Newsies!!! If I could be in any musical, it would def be Newsies hands down. My friends and I still will still break out into song, "that's my'll steal another..." Hehe thanks for posting about an awesome topic.

  2. oh my goodness...i LOVE Newsies! I was also totally obsessed in high school. My best friend, my sister and I had a "photoshoot" and dressed up as different characters and set up scenes. I was Mush (LOVE...thanks for including the gratuitous abs photo!). I knew all the choreography (especially love the tap-influenced King of New York). I STILL get chills when I hear the Seize the Day chorale. oh my. thank you for this little fangirl moment :)

  3. OMG. Newsies fanatico here too!!! And now I shall proceed to reveal my shameless obsession with said movie:

    I was laughing out loud reading this and nodding in agreement to almost everything you wrote. I was obsessed as a young teen when I saw this. It was truly musical, period drama epicness at its peak.

    My top fav newsies were of course Christian Bale and then Spot Colin of ole Brooklyn. I prob rotated my crushes though, onto every main guy character at one point or other b/c I had seen the movie so many darn times––err except for David's little brother; squashed hotdog in a paper bag, anyone? Still grosses me out.

    Fav quote: (because I still quote them at random with my 30 year old sister) "I object your honor." "On what grounds?" "On the grounds...of Brooklyn" heehee

    And totally agree with you: like Medda??? Really?? Eeek

    Watching this movie always brings me back to that time in my life of carefree youth, limitless dreams, summer breezes and hours upon hours of purely good times.

    Jeanine :))

  4. YES!!! I love all the Newsie love happening right now! So great (: Thank you all so much for reading and thank you for letting me know I'm not the only person who still loves Newsies! HA (: