Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the art of sticking to your guns

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of moods. To any females reading this, I'm pretty sure you can relate. Just one of up and down and up-up again. Silly life. The day started out well--I woke up, had a pretty successful visit to the gym (60 mins cardio: running/walking mix) and came home where Rebecca and I decided to go find some iced coffee. Usually, I like to frequent Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. I KNOW! I know...mainstream corporations...how...unINTERESTING of me. Blegh :-/ But you know what? Starbucks and Dunkin deliver consistently good products AND they are conveniently located. However, Rebecca and I decided the sunshine was calling our names to Media, where we could walk around and find a cute coffee shop. And we did!

photo taken right from their Facebook page

 The minute we walked in I fell in love! It was so charming inside!- a hodge-podge, slightly messy and ridiculously cozy atmosphere. I felt like I had wandered into someone's cottage rather than coffee shop. I had always known about Seven Stones, but never actually gone in and tried their product. Yesterday was the day my friends!

I had set out with Rebecca in the quest for an iced coffee--maybe an iced latte if I was feeling super fancy. But usually, I never bother with earthy ice-teas or minty drinks; I am a coffee drinker through and through. But for some reason (I blame it on the sun, the humidity, the fact that we parked a good distance from Seven Stones and I was a little sun-famished from the walk *should have worn shorts!!*) I opted for this exotic green tea concoction. I blame it all on influence, people. There were thin, airy, long-skirt wearing women in the shop and I wanted to feel light too! Coffee would weigh me down, right? Probably make me feel sick out in the sun again. And that exotic green tea just sounded so....cool. Different.


I should've got my iced coffee.

Now don't get me wrong. It was good! But definitely didn't satisfy my iced-caffeinated beverage craving. It was too....healthy tasting. Organic-y. Something someone who lives in Swarthmore and reads Tolstoy in their spare time (my copy of Anna Karenina is glaring at me beneath its layer of dust) enjoys while planting fresh basil in their front garden.

Not my kind of drink.

It's okay though, the afternoon was lovely, followed by a slight mental breakdown upon going home and dealing with student loans (NYU, you're worth it, right?) followed by a night of silliness that brought me back to being thirteen. I love laughing, love messing with people, love the nights where you make fun out of nothing. This time living at home isn't so bad after all. I need to keep this mantra going in my head. I need to find the little treasures home has to offer (quite a lot). Knowing I'm moving to LA!!! at the end of the summer is definitely motivation to slow down and bask in the familiarity of home. I'm glad, in this moment, I'm content.

Weird, good, wonderful, hot day yesterday. Today my day looks like gym in a few hours, cleaning my room and probably applying to some more jobs. I applied to about four today (go me). I should probably work on some writing too. I have so many projects started and so many to finish! Should I choose one and go with it, or just sporadically work on all of them? This is a time when I could really use a house-elf to do my work for me! I hope you all enjoy familiarity today. The good things about home, or wherever you are. It's nice to be in a place with memories and love.

awkward family photo with my sisters. a perk of being home. also, i have realized if you were to look at my facebook profile pictures, it looks like i have no friends besides these two. makes me smile. they really are my bestfriendzzz


  1. I am definitely guilty of going to Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee too. I feel like at least I know that I'll like what I'm getting there.

  2. I also am a big fan of some DD iced coffee