Monday, May 2, 2011

i will not hold my tongue

open your heart
open your heart

we look for love in so many places. no matter who we are, we all want to be loved--in some way. all this talk of the royal wedding this week has put love on my mind a lot. and not just the romantic type of love, though that too i guess. mostly the kind of love that still completely baffles me--a love that completely surpasses anything i could ever experience on this earth.

God's love.

i talk to so many of my girlfriends who have been hurt by a guy, and i have talked to a lot of my guy friends who are still hung up on girls. my parents are divorced. all signs point toward LOVE meaning HURT.

but that's not true. it's not true with love between a man and a woman, and it's DEFINITELY, completely, 100% not true with the love of God.

it's been so long since i've blogged, so this post is a little messy. i apologize. it has been a very emotional week for me. personally, mentally, spiritually. but it's also been so amazing. it's like a good cry. the build up hurts a lot, but after a good cry you just feel...lighter. freer.

this is a post of questions:

why do i look for love in all the wrong places?

i have a SAVIOR who adores me, who loves me


God, You are constantly calling my name and so often i turn often i fill up my heart with all the wrong things. so often when i'm sad i go for a run, thinking if i was skinnier i'd be happier. when i feel down, i read a book thinking that escaping into another world will make me feel better. i text a friend, depending on them to make me smile.

no, no no!

God is L-O-V-E in all the right places.

i will never harm you.

this song, it just makes me so happy (: Song For You- Tyler & Jenny

sorry for the terrible post. gotta get back into the swing of updating!!

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