Tuesday, March 15, 2011

where have all the nice guys gone?

Probably to an island somewhere far away after girls, who claim they love nice guys, turn them down for a jerk instead. I think this is an interesting concept. I was having coffee with a friend a little while ago and we were talking about how, theoretically, nerdy/geeky/awkward guys are the ideal kind of men, especially in movies and television. When I think about my "celebrity crushes" it's guys like Jay Baruchel, Andrew Garfield, Zachary Levi--guys who are skinny or nerdy and who play underdogs mostly. Well except for Mr. Garfield who will be the new 'Spiderman' which is just totally...awesome. But anyway. My friend and I realized something though. In real life our logic is totally, 100% faulty. I can attest to this from personal experience. A year ago while in my junior year at NYU I met this really tall, handsome and quite nerdy guy. We started talking and found out we lived pretty close to each other back home. So over winter break, he asked me if I wanted to hang out. I was really excited because 1. He was cute. 2. He was a new friend. New friends are exciting. Especially male, tall, charmingly geeky new friends. But then he asked me to go to "The Mint." Stop--pause--WHAT?! Coffee, sure. A movie? Great, no awkward talk. Heck, I'd even take the Franklin Institute because that jawn is FUN! But...but The Mint?! Where they produce...coins? I told him I was sick and canceled the hang out. Lame? Maybe. But I totally just (and rather immaturely) freaked out and we stopped talking altogether.

See, this is where the whole paradox comes in over what Hollywood presents as real life and what actually IS real life. If in a movie a nerdy but cute guy asked the girl to go to a MINT, it would be endearing and they would have a really awesome time to which they would probably fall in love. Translate this scenario into REAL life? And it's just awkward, a little creepy and not charming at all. 

I'm sure the guy had the best intentions, and you know, it probably would have been fun. But I was immature, nervous, and just reacted how I did. So how come in my brain, when I watch movies I always root for the underdog, always fall for the guy no girl wants? But in REAL life, it just doesn't work like that?

It's so interesting to think about. I'm not saying I write off the nice guys. I LOVE nice guys.  Heck, I don't LIKE the badboys at all. I'm just saying, that one situation made me laugh at myself because I'm such a hypocrite.
Jay Baruchel being all studly.
So you know what? Whenever I catch myself saying "Where the heck are all the nice guys out there?!" I have to stop myself because I need to remember there are good guys out there still, no matter how many jerks I encounter. I just have to open my eyes a little more. Or something. And know that there are a lot of Godly men out there.

This blog makes no sense! I blame it on my melancholy heart after hearing that Jay Baruchel is engaged. Alas, that's just the way it is. Sometimes it's just fun to write about what's runnin' through my mind.


  1. Nice guys finish last. Fact.
    Never get the attention they deserve.

    I would say i'm one of them but it's not up to me to make that judgement, but I do finish last.

    Not all nice guys have to be nerdy/geeky/awkward though...though shyness tends to be a common trait.

  2. I strongly agree with what you say. In fact, it prompted me to re-read a post I wrote on Valentine's day, and I'm starting to too feel a little hypocritical myself.


  3. ugh I know! My roommate and I used to joke that all the good guys were hiding under their beds and you have to entice them out with treats. I think there's a difference between a nerdy guy and a nice guy though. Maybe instead of a nerd, you just want a nice guy who isn't all macho.

  4. haha I love nerdy guys!!! Zachary Levi is my fave! Also on the list is Seth Cohen {from The O.C.}...and a totally nerd hottie I see at church! My friends think I am weird haha

  5. This is precisely why I'm no longer a "nice guy".

    I got tired of being dumped for the "bad boys", so I became more of an asshole than I really wanted to be just to escape the dreaded Friend Zone.