Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quitting the GLEE club

I never quite know how I feel about Glee. I like some of the covers they do. Like the acapella 'Teenage Dream'...definitely makes my heart melt. And Chord Overstreet singing 'Baby' by Justin Biebz...okay, you win there Chord even though I can't take your name seriously. But after tonight's episode I really think I might stop watching it.

Glee, I get it. You are edgy. You push lines. It used to be cool, but when you make fun of people who choose celibacy, it's just...really lame. Like I said I get it. Glee defends homosexuality which is awesome. No one should be bullied. It's horrible. I am all about standing up for people. But if you're going to stand up for homosexuality, could you stand up for celibacy too? As someone who is waiting until marriage, I was pretty offended with tonight's episode. I don't get it. There is nothing wrong with NOT having sex. Why did Glee make it seem like you were a freak if you didn't want to have sex?

I just have issues there. I'm all about sexual education. It's very important. But I'm also all about just...not making fun of anyone. And don't even get me started on the Christian stereotypes so prevalent in television and film. Like, can I just for ONCE see a character who is a Christian and who isn't a complete pyscho, bigot, hypocrite, cruel human being? It's just backwards. The way Christians are portrayed in the media is totally the opposite of how Jesus lived His life. And listen, I GET IT. Christians have screwed up. A lot. But the scripture says follow JESUS not CHRISTIANS.

This just makes me realize all the more how passionate I am about working in the film industry.

I really don't want this blog post to be offensive to anyone, but I feel very strongly about these things. I just wish there could be a show that didn't make fun of anything. But I guess people would get pretty bored of that fast, right? Sucks.


  1. I have to say that I was a little unsure of how to take last night's episode as well...but I did think it was interesting how they portrayed the type of 'polar opposite' stereotypes when it comes to sex. On the one hand, you have the super modest over-the-top innocent type and the do-you-want-touch-me-there seductive type. There wasn't much in between. I agree that education is everything; telling kids to be celibate just doesn't cut it. So I did appreciate the push for educating kids on what they need to know about being sexually active...and how it is important for parents to be involved in the topic. However, I do see what you are saying about how being celibate is mocked...perhaps they could have had Emma's character portray a little more backbone and explanation as to why she waited until marriage (if that was the case) or explain why she felt uncomfortable instead of writing her off as a "freak" of sorts. I wouldn't say that Glee is saying celibacy is stupid...but it could have been supported a little better.

  2. I don't think Glee was saying celibacy itself was stupid, but they were definitely making fun of people choosing to remain celibate. I guess my issue with the show is that they are SO quick to defend certain things, and SO quick to make fun of others. It's just inconsistent. Plus, personally, I just think the show is poorly written but that is my own silly opinion! Ahaha, thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful comment!!! I appreciate it, and thanks for reading my blog of course!

  3. Hi! I found your blog via 20SB and I look forward to reading more! I haven't seen last night's episode yet (sounds like a real...gem...), but I totally agree that Glee is losing its creative plots and character developments and is becoming a vehicle for various agendas. That, and I can't stand the auto-tuning :)