Thursday, March 3, 2011

props to mommas

You know when you're like, 18 and you say things like, "I'm gonna be the COOL mom when I have kids! Heck yeah!" But then, actually, whenever you babysit or if you have younger siblings you totally do a 180 from that sentence and you realize, yes, you are going to be exactly like your parents.

I was at Starbucks with my wonderful friend Jeane not too long ago and we were talking about this and how funny it is. I was recently babysitting an almost 1 year old and an almost 4 year old. And I realized just how hard moms really do have it. My first instinct whenever I get to babysit, especially little kids that I know and love, is "Oooh yay! I'm excited! Cute babiess!!!" But then I realize just how freaking....paranoid I am. Like suddenly everything turns into a choking hazard. That huge, squishy ball that is double the size of a baby and has no pointy edges? Well, gosh, he could somehow learn to walk in the five seconds I turn to the other kid, jump on the ball, and go crashing down the steps. Or that dollhouse the almost 4 year old loves? Well it could suddenly topple over and jump like, four feet, even though the little baby is way, WAY far away from it. When I was babysitting the other day I decided in my head that when I have kids, I am just living in a padded house. Like legit. That way, I can nap, do work, cook and my baby can just roam the house as he/she wants. Is that ridiculous? Maybe.

What I'm trying to say with this post is whoever said a stay-at-home mom didn't have a hard job should try it. Because it is freaking HARD. I don't know how my mom did it for so many years when we were little, or how women do it at all. It's amazing. I totally, 100% want to stay home with my kids when they are little when I have them, but gosh it is hard. I babysat for a mere 2 hours and I was both mentally and physically exhausted. Can you imagine ALL. DAY.?

Don't get me wrong. Kids are awesome. I love them. And I love babysitting. But I seriously have a new appreciation for moms everywhere. If you know a mom, are a mom, or see a mom in the near vicinity, go up to them and salute them. Legit.

Anyway. Thanks moms for being awesome. And selfless. And amazing. I love all of you. But mostly my mom because she is so, so cool.

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