Monday, March 21, 2011

looking out for me all day everyday

God's got our back all day, every single day. I truly believe that with all my heart. It's easy to forget this, but then something happens and you pause mid coffee sip, or in the moment at the stoplight or in the midst of talking to a friend and you think, Yes. He's really got my back. And I'm amazed.

I am amazed I am amazed I am amazed.

Leaning on the Lord.
I need You I need You I need You.
Two days ago I found out some bad news that made me realize again how God is constantly looking out for me. And it made me think about how sometimes really bad things happen to us. We go through situations that hurt our hearts...we lose trust in people...friendships deteriorate, people betray us, we don't get the job we want, we are dissatisfied with our lives. But then maybe a month or two years later something happens and it's like little pieces of a puzzle all come together and we think Yes. Okay, now I get it God. Sorry for doubting You. My bad. Seriously.

I just want to encourage everyone to truly believe that God won't leave you hanging. And I mean that in a specific way--I mean that obeying the Lord is what is best. Sometimes listening to God is scary. And sometimes God wants you to do something that in our small perspective is not at all what we want and we can't see it being ideal....ever. But God is our Rescuer. He knows what He's doing, especially when we don't.

I am in love with lone trees. Just one tree in an empty field melts my heart completely. If I ever got a tattoo I would definitely get a tree. For awhile I was obsessed with drawing a lone tree with lots of branches, a little path leading up to the tree and footsteps. I love thinking of God as that tree. Strong, with roots extending and never wavering. I have to remind myself constantly that God is constant. To put it in the words of a corny little saying (who doesn't love corny little sayings?) 'God is real no matter how you feel.' And it's true. Sometimes I get mad at God, or upset, or I think I'm too cool for God. And then I realize how much of an idiot I am and that God's love is never wavering, always real, always tangible, always surrounding me. I don't deserve it and it's there--BAM. Alive.

We need to lean on God and believe, 100% that God loves us, is listening to us, and He won't leave us alone.

Love & leaning on lone trees,


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you so much for writing, and sharing your faith.

  2. Great post and photo. I am dissatisfied with my life right now, but I know God has bigger plans for me and I'm trying to take steps to lead me to that bigger plan.
    I'm now following u! I found you from 20SB