Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank you for saying I am worth Your best.

Lord, I am worth waiting for. I am worth Your best, and I will patiently wait for the best You have to offer. While I wait God, I will trust in you. I will believe that Your timing and Your plan is better than mine. My perfect mate is being transformed to compliment me, just as I am being transformed to compliment him.

Would you allow me to see myself as You see me? Would you show me how to bear Your image, how my heart and mind and spirit are a perfect reflection of how good You are.

Let me focus on all the things that You did right and forgive myself and others for all the things that have gone wrong. Lord, release me from being bound to anyone other than You. You have come to restore my heart. Whoever stole it or wounded it no longer has a part of me. You, Lord, have all of me. Thank you for fighting for me, God, for saying that I am worth fighting for. Thank you for bringing comfort and hope into the areas of my heart that only know sorrow and brokenness.

Thank you for never leaving me, for never giving up on me or walking out on me. Thank you for always saying I am enough. You are behind me, ahead of me and beside me, guiding me and loving me. I am not perfectly flawed or perfectly wounded…..I am not my wounds…..I am not the lies of my past or the culmination of broken relationships. I am a perfect reflection of Your image.

I pray for the man you have prepared for me. I ask for purity in his heart and his actions. May his relationship with You be what propels him toward me. Let us trust Your plan and Your timing for when we meet, how we date and our marriage. Mold him into the man that You have created him to be.

Thank you for saying I am worth all of You, God. Thank you for saying I am worth your best.

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