Tuesday, February 22, 2011


--I'm always very impressed when girls manage to look super foxy at the gym. And I'm not talking about, 'Oh wow, that's a very pretty woman even though her hair is all frizzy and she has pit stains the size of the Atlantic.' I'm talking (and we've all seen them) the women in the gym who have a shiny ponytail that looks more like a hairstyle I would wear out to dinner, a full face of makeup on that doesn't run with their (nonexistent) sweat, and the cutest workout clothes. Now normally, I feel like I would be jealous of these women. My hair always frizzes when I work out, I just can't bring myself to put makeup on if I'm just gonna shower afterward, and why wear cute workout clothes when I have all those old high school T-shirts and faded yoga pants? So, I should be jealous of the Real Young Work Out Ladies of Delaware County, right? But for some reason I'm not jealous, I'm mostly intrigued. So if you are one of these girls and are reading this, do me a favor: message me your secret, eh?

--Sometimes I think it'd be nice to have a boyfriend. You know, to bring me chai tea lattes and stuff. But then I realize maybe what I really need is a house-elf, because all I want right now is someone to bring me chai tea lattes when I don't feel like driving. So actually, what I really want in life is a house-elf. (I guess it's pretty self explanatory that I'm not a supporter of S.P.E.W.)

--How To Train Your Dragon is an excellent movie. Seriously. Even if Dreamworks animated movies aren't your thing, I'm telling you, you'll enjoy it. It's....ah. Good. Your heart will be happy.

--Why do women star in all laundry commercials? I'm not one to go on a rant about feminism and all my womanly powers, but seriously--come on! This is BLATANT sexism. I wanna see a guy doing his own dang laundry on the TV. I'm not gonna ramble on about it now, but legit...this...peeves me. I know a lot of guys who do their laundry. Let's see it happen on TV.

--Another peeve: LeBron James is going to be in a movie. Need I say more? Okay, I'll say more. You don't see doctors walking into a law office and asking to defend someone just because they're 'interested' in it. You don't see a second grade teacher walking into a pediatrician's office and asking if they can give the next patient their check up. LeBron James starring in a movie, even if it's a movie about a basketball player, is demeaning to the art of acting. And yes, I can talk about the art of acting because I spent 3.5 years racking up loans to my neck so I could get a degree in the art of acting. End rant.

--I am in love with rapping and I don't even listen to a lot of rap. There are few things in life that give me as much of an adrenaline rush as getting up on stage in front of a crowd of people and literally, rapping. I love comedic rapping and straight up just...rapping. Don't believe me? Check out THIS and you'll get to see me and Chanelle Tyson rapping some. Like, I don't know. I think it stems from my love of writing and performing mixed all together in just making people laugh and raise their eyebrows. I wouldn't hate it if I could make a living off of simply rapping. More girls need to rap, but I think more white girls do too.

I think that's all for my ramblings tonight.
Love & rambling thoughts that now seem like just complaints but were crowding my brain,

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