Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He really is SO into you.

Yeah I know the title is cheesy. But I love cheese, okay?! :) And the pastor at church this morning literally used the sentence ‘He’s so into you’ and it sparked this whole idea of what to blog about this morning. So blame my pastor. Just kidding, he’s the man, don’t blame him. Anyways.
I have a feeling this blog is about to go to a whole other level of personal with this entry, but like I stated before, I think personal is good. Honest blogs are my favorite to read. Anyways. “He’s Just Not That Into You” is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. I love, love, loveeee it and often reference it in every day life. I don’t agree with everything in the movie and dating is always such a gray area for me. Real life isn’t really like the movies…at all. I was just talking about this to someone the other day—going on dates and stuff is so not normal. Now I know it HAPPENS, but I don’t hear too much about a guy asking for a girl’s number and would she like to have dinner with him? I also know that I have a few really awesome guy friends who DO this and the girls that end up with them will be very lucky because I feel like true gentlemen are few and far between. 
I’m writing from a girl’s perspective and listen, I’m not an expert on…anything, actually. This blog is just a place for my musings and questions and this journey I’m on in life. But I have to say, as a single, young Christian woman….dating is really, really hard. I know people talk about that all the time, but I definitely feel like in Christianity there is a certain pressure to find ‘the one’ or whatever. And I’m 21, I’m not dating anyone and…I’m okay with that. I’m young and I refuse to feel pressured to date. Sure, I want to be pursued and all that stuff, be taken out on dates, but at church this morning the pastor said the sentence ‘He (Jesus) is so into us.’ And that got me thinking and praying a lot.
As a girl, I feel like it’s in my nature to want the attention of men. Let’s be honest, it really does feel good when a guy flirts with me or looks at me or whatever—it’s natural. But God looks at me and sees a treasure—He loves me the way a man never could, so wildly beyond comprehension. He loves ALL of us like this, whether we know Him or not. How incredibly, heart-breakingly amazing is that? How could I not want to surrender every little aspect of my life to God—how could I not want to follow the path God has for me? I want to honor God in everything I do, everything I say….Jesus is the ANSWER, the way, the truth, the LIFE. 
It’s interesting how so many people crave the attention and love from others. I do, of course I do, I think we all do. Why is it so hard for me to believe that I am beautiful and wonderfully made? And I’m not talking in the sense of ‘I wish I was prettier’ I mean, as a true BEAUTIFUL creation, that God created me—it’s soooooo hard! 
I loved hearing that Jesus is so into me. It was an amazing service and the pastor spoke so much truth and I don’t think this was more important than anything else he said, I just wanted to blog about this particular aspect of his sermon. Even though I know Jesus is into me, it was amazing to just hear it out loud-it was a simple sentence but it made me want to cry, want to get on my knees and just bow before the Lord. My heart filled with so much joy and at the same time i felt a sense of shame. Shame in the sense that I still want to be noticed by guys and that it will always be a struggle. But ultimately, knowing I am loved and a daughter to the king—knowing that all women are, that is such a precious, precious gift and worth so much more than whether a guy smiles at me when I’m out. 
I’m not bashing dating or boys or anything—I’m just in awe of the love of Jesus Christ and how every day I think we need to be reminded how special and perfect and LOVED we are by God. Even though we sin, even though we are self-centered and hurt people and constantly run away from God, He still loves us more than we can ever truly know. 
And because Jesus loves so selflessly and I want to every day get closer to Jesus, I need to love selflessly. I pray that I can look through the lens of Jesus: to see people’s hearts, to love them, to be a better friend, to reach out. I cannot be selfish with God’s love. It doesn’t make sense. And because of this it is our duty to go and spread the good news to everyone—to those who don’t know the Lord. So everyone can know how loved they are.

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  1. Amen sister! You are a lovely writer, and I am enjoying reading your blog posts :))