Tuesday, February 15, 2011

forget diamonds & chocolate--a banjo is the key to a woman's heart

I love chocolate and sparkly things, but oh my goodness….a man with a banjo? Double swoon balls of fire. I think in another life I was a Southern Belle. Part of me always wanted to grow up down in like, Virginia or Alabama or Mississippi or something in a big old farmhouse and sip sweet tea and eat like, pecan pie or some other stereotypical sweet treat, and like, when I come home for college everyone opens their windows and calls out “Nina’s home!” “did ya hear?! Nina’s home, y’all!” and I bake bread and pies and cakes and leave them cooling on my windowsill and I fall in love with the boy next door who doesn’t have a lot of money but has a rich heart—-
Okay…I’m going on a rant. I’m sorry, but seriously. The banjo. A man could offer me food and I’d be delighted. Pretty earrings? Sure! But sit me down on a porch swing and play me a song on the banjo? You have my heart.
This post is absolutely pointless but I just had to express my love of the banjo and just good music in general. Oh nom nom nom. 


  1. Hi Nina :) Hope you're well! Found you on 20SB and wanted to follow & say hello :) your blog design is very cute - did you use blogger for that?

  2. hi, I'm syida your new follower.
    your post remember me P/S I love U movie

    agree with Chrissi, your blog is very cute.
    hope you will do the same.

  3. I prefer harmonica. :)

    New follower!


  4. Thanks for the comments! I used shabby designs for my blog background! I'm following all your blogs now too! :)