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best movie kisses (xoxo)

I’m not an expert on film. My undergraduate degree is in acting, so I feel like yes I’m somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to the performances in a movie, but as for movies themselves on a whole…I think I definitely know a few things about film making and what constitutes as a good movie, but then again I also saw Twilight in the movie theatre….sooooo there you go. 
But anyway. I was watching one of my favorite chickflicks of all time last night, ‘Never Been Kissed’ and gosh, when that last scene comes on when Josie is standing on the mound and the Beach Boys start playing and Mr. Coulson runs to her and gives her her first real kiss……oh my GOODNESS my heart completely melts every time and I realize how much I love…LOVE. 
And kissing! Who doesn’t? Especially when beautiful people, such as actors, kiss on the big screen and everyone in the audience is like “AWWW!!!”
Anyway I decided to list my all time favorite movie kisses. 
8. He’s Just Not That Into You - Justin Long & Ginnifer Goodwin (Alex & Gigi)
Okay okay okay. I know what those 3 of you who actually read this are saying. ‘Really Nina? Really?” But hear me out! First of all, I loveee the character of Gigi. She is adorable to the very brink of being almost annoying, but I have to admire the way she has such a BIG heart and puts herself out there. In terms of love, I think it’s great she never gets bitter with every jerk who treats her like crap. And come on, who isn’t a sucker for the guy realizing it’s been the girl right in front of him all ALONG? I think they have such great chemistry too! I first saw this movie on a plane ride to Peru and I remember literally squealing with delight in my seat when Justin Long goes, “You are my exception.” So corny, so sweet, so GOOD! Nom nom nom. Plus, this movie is just one of those films that come on cable ALL the time and I can never NOT watch it. Delicious.
7. Some Kind of Wonderful - Eric Stoltz & Mary Stuart Masterson (Keith & Watts)
80s movies are like candy. Addictive, sweet and if too many are consumed in too short of time you feel sort of sick. I am a HUGE fan of John Hughes and all of his 80s movies. ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ is definitely one of my favorite, ‘Stay at home drink some tea and fall in love with fictional character’ type of movies. First of all, I am a BIG fan of the best friends fall in love plotline. I know it’s cliche, but what isn’t now a days? And it’s just so sweet and makes SENSE. I think the best couples start out good friends…after all, don’t you want to be married to your best friend? I know I do one day, whenever I meet the man I’m supposed to be with. But anyway…..the scene in the garage where Watts convinces Keith to practice kissing on her (he’s got his sights set on popular girl Amanda Jones) … oh my GOSH. The kiss goes from cute to full of passion and feeling! It’s such a great scene….you can literally SEE Keith falling in love with Watts. And then they both get so flustered and Watts gets embarrassed when Keith tells her she’s blushing and it’s pretty and she goes running out….ooohhh my heart! I loveee this scene so much!
6. Sixteen Candles - Molly Ringwald & that guy who never made another movie again…I mean Michael Schoeffling (Sam & Jake Ryan)
Okay. Out of all the delicious little treats of 80s movies, THIS is my all time favorite. Anybody who’s set foot in my bedroom would know by seeing the huge poster I have over my bed capturing my favorite scene!!! The kiss shared between newly 16 year old Sam and a gorgeous Jake Ryan is shrieking giggle worthy. It’s funny because I think Sam and Jake are in like, 2 scenes together the entire movie. But gosh, that moment at Sam’s sister’s wedding when she steps out of the church and everyone is gone but Jake Ryan is standing there, leaning against his car smiling at her….AHHH!!! Every girl’s dream, right? And then the last scene when they are sitting with her birthday cake between them and he says “Make a wish” and she’s all like “It already came true” and then they kiss——ahhhhhh!!!!! Oh gosh, every single time I melt. I don’t care that realistically the relationship might never work out, they’ve never had a real conversation, and chances are the minute he graduates it’s over, but for that little moment I have all the hope in the world because it is SUCH an 80s fairytale. 
5. Titanic - Kate Winslet & my future husband…I mean Leo Dicaprio (Rose & Jack)
What a classic. I watch this movie probably…once a month, and that kiss at sunset on the deck of the ship—-wowowowowow. What cinematic beauty! Be still my beating heart! First of all, I’m pretty sure that kiss is shared by the two most beautiful people in the WORLD, and THENNNN gosh, just….all the implications! You KNOW Jack’s gonna die. You KNOW it’s crazy and foolish and young and AMAZING. You know it isn’t going to end pretty but in that moment you see such reckless abandon, such LUST! (Because, let’s face it…..I still don’t think they really LOVED each other) but then it’s like…okay okay okay maybe they loved each other a littttleee bit because honestly, if I was Rose and the guy I liked was chained in the basement of a sinking ship and my crazy mom was all like “Get in the boat Rose! Get in!” I’d be like, okay Momma, I hate you but okay!…anyway I’m rambling but yeah…just….do I even need to say more? Beauty.
4. East of Eden - James Dean & Julie Harris (Cal & Abra)
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. As an actress, I am blown away by both James Dean and Julie Harris’ performance. They are stunning in their roles and I can only DREAM to one day be in a movie of this caliber. The kiss they share on the ferris wheel….oh gosh, Julie Harris is like, the LUCKIEST woman in the world. Could James Dean BE any more charming? There is something so innocent in their kiss that can only be attributed to the 50s….no matter how sweet kisses in movies are nowadays, there was just something MAGICAL about that era, especially in film. I love this kiss for so many reasons…one, because Abra is with Cal’s older brother and that makes it all the more scandalous….but they immediately shy away from one another after the kiss and then there really isn’t a happy moment in the rest of the movie—the kiss is like this breath of fresh air…it’s so poignant, so beautiful. Love love love.
3. It’s a Wonderful Life - Jimmy Stewart & Donna Reed (George & Mary)
This is my all-time favorite movie. I could go on and on about the reasons why, but it comes down to the amazing characters. George Bailey is the man of my dreams and Mary is the woman I’d want to be….and their desperate kiss at Mary’s house when she’s on the phone with Sam “Hee-Haw” is just….oh my goodness. The kiss means so many things….it’s like in that desperation George realizes how he’ll never leave town, never get to do all the amazing things he wanted and yet he doesn’t even realize how powerful his life is going to be….the moments leading right up to this kiss are spectacular. When George grabs Mary and is all like “I don’t ever wanna get married! I don’t want kids, I don’t want this or that” and then he’s all like “Oh Mary!” and she’s all like “Oh George!” because she’s loved him her whole life and watching the scene you flashback to when Mary’s little and she whispers in George’s deaf ear, “George Bailey, I’ll love you til the day I die” … WOW. Just…WOW. 
2. Dogfight - River Phoenix & Lili Taylor (Eddie & Rose)
Those closest to me know that for awhile starting in 9th grade I was desperately and hopelessly in love with River Phoenix. It started when I saw ‘Stand By Me’….I was a goner from the minute I was introduced to Chris Chambers. I read River’s biography, watched all his movies, listened to his band, ‘Aleka’s Attic’, mourned his death every Halloween since that’s when he died….seriously, I was obsessed. Within my obsession I came across this gem of a movie, ‘Dogfight.’ They don’t even sell it anywhere, I had to order it online. Gosh, what a little TREASURE! If you’ve never seen it, please, go watch it!!!!! It’s one of my favorites. Eddie and Rose’s first kiss is awkward, fumbling, sweet and passionate. I love it SO much. The entire story is brilliant. Basically, Eddie (River) is a marine and they are spending one night in San Francisco before they are shipped to Vietnam. Eddie and his Marine friends play this horrible game called ‘Dogfight’ where they go out and ask girls out and whoever asks the “ugliest” girl wins money…it’s so horrifying. Well Eddie picks Rose, and she finds out and punches him and he feels bad, goes to find her and they FALL IN LOVE! It is the most precious and subtle love story. Their kiss is amazing because you know it’s Rose’s first kiss and Eddie is so hard and cold but softens up so much with Rose and …. GAH. It’s just the sweetest darn thing I’ve ever seen!
1. Never Been Kissed - Josie Gellar & Sam Coulson (Drew Barrymore & Michael Vartan)
I know I said George Bailey is the man of my dreams, but Mr. Coulson is a close second. Who doesn’t love a man who falls for the uber-nerd, especially a nerd who is an ENGLISH geek? GAHH. This is, in my opinion, Drew Barrymore’s best movie, because let’s face it…actually we won’t, because her movie roles are far too depressing in caliber. Anyway. Gosh, this kiss—the one I described earlier—it’s my absolute favorite. And then when Mr. Coulson pulls back and says “Sorry I’m late. It took forever to get here” and Josie says “I know what you mean” AHHH!!! This movie is so great. It gives us nerds out there (false) hope that there is a gorgeous, tall, sexy & incredibly SMART man out there just waiting for us! Ahahah okay, I’m only kidding, but seriously. I just love those movies out there that have the underdog win. Who doesn’t love that?! Anyway, I won’t go on and on about the kiss because I talked about it earlier, but it’s definitely, hands-down my FAVORITE big screen kiss! MUAH!

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